Port Lavaca, TX

by joyce@idpa.com 11. June 2013 22:02
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So we made it to Port Lavaca, Tx. I know, you're thinking that we are going the wrong direction in trying to get to the state of Washington.  But, we are really combining the start of the Air Race with helping people by transporting an Angel Flight patient tomorrow from Houston to Olathe, Kansas.

My race partner, Dianna Taylor Stanger, has been an Angel Flight pilot for several years and has flown patients in many of her different modes of aviation.  Dianna is an incredibly accomplished pilot that flies not only single engine general aviation airplanes, but turbine helicopters and multiengine single pilot jets. I know how to pick partners :-)

She picked me up at Mt. Pleasant, TX this afternoon and we flew her home airport which she happens to run.  We dodged some weather enroute and had an otherwise uneventful trip. Jasmine Gordon, our publicity/media manager took a few pictures and we had an interview with one of the local newspapers. Tomorrow morning we will fly to Sugerland airport to pickup our patient.  For those of you in the Houston area, I think Channel 2 news will be at the airport in the morning to film another interview and our departure. So watch the local news :-)

Here's a picture that Jas took today of Dianna and I. 

I will continue to keep you posted on our adventure.





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