Republic of Texas Stage 3: Waste Management

by Editor 22. May 2013 06:15
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SCENARIO: Several goons attempt to kidnap you, but you were able to evade them by running down an alley and hiding in a nearby dumpster. As you are hiding out you hear the assailants drive up and one of the men is ordered to check the dumpster. As you hear him get close, surprise him and take him out with a headshot, then shoot out the headlights so you can see the remaining goons.

PROCEDURE: Start hiding inside dumpster with lid closed, facing down range, gun at low ready and loaded to division capacity.

At the signal, engage target T1 with one (1) head shot and then engage steel S1- S2 (headlights), until they fall. Then engage targets T2-T6 with three (3) rounds each, in tactical priority (near to far). All shooting and reloads must be performed from cover inside the dumpster.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 5 IDPA, 2 Steel
SCORED HITS: Best Three Shots On Target

STAGE CSO: Bill Dittoe

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