Republic of Texas Stage 1: Smokey And The Bandits

by Editor 22. May 2013 06:40
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SCENARIO: While BBQing in your back yard, several thugs head into your neighborhood to cause trouble. One jumps the fence heading straight towards you in a sadistic rage; you then realize they have the neighbor kids surrounded in their back yard after hearing screams of terror.

PROCEDURE: Start standing at P1, facing up range, strong hand holding cooking utensil with utensil touching the grill, support hand touching knob, gun loaded to division capacity and holstered.

At the signal, turn, draw and engage target T1 with six (6) rounds while moving to P2. From cover at P2 engage targets T2-T5 with two (2) shots each, in tactical priority (barricade order).

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 5 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two/Six Shots On Target

STAGE CSO: Nicky Carter

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