Republic of Texas Stage 9: Texas Hold’em

by Editor 21. May 2013 10:20
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SCENARIO: You are playing a game of high stakes poker, when three of the players accuse you and another player of cheating and draw weapons. As you are going for your trusty sidearm to return fire, your trigger finger is blown off. After hearing shots fired, a couple of their friends show up and join in the fight.

PROCEDURE: Start seated at P1, holding playing cards with both hands, wrists on edge of table, gun loaded to division capacity and placed on the X on the table. All reloads on shooter’s belt.

At the signal, retrieve your gun with your support hand and engage targets T1-T3 with one (1) round to each torso, then re-engage targets T1-T3 with one (1) round to each head at any time thereafter. Engage targets T4-T5 with three (3) scored shots each. Target T4 must be engaged until the steel popper behind target T4 falls and activates target T5. All targets must be engaged while remaining seated. All shots must be fired support hand only, the shooter may use their strong hand to reload and clear any malfunctions. Note: T5 is not a disappearing target.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 5 IDPA, 1 Steel
SCORED HITS: Best Two & Three Shots On Target

STAGE CSO: Mike Sells

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