Release Notes for March 2013

by Administrator 30. March 2013 11:47
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The following updates were made to both the member services web site:

  • Historical classifier scores are now available from the classifier and other stage leader boards.
  • Various issues with IE and FireFox browsers not refreshing during registration has been resolved.
  • Issues with PUERTO RICO and CANADIAN registration and renewals has been resolved.
  • Issues with missing state for Honduras has been updated.
  • AREA COORDINATORS can now update classifier scores on behalf of a club.
  • CLUBS can now update classifier scores, as long as their membership is current.
  • CLASSIFIERS adding classifier scores can now be made with or without stage scores.
  • CLASSIFIERS can now be added without a pre-existing event in the system.
  • CLASSIFIERS lookup & export was made more accessible by having it added to the “What do you want to do" button.
  • CLASSIFIERS updates page can now be accessed from the “What do you want to do” button under the “Add New…” drop down.
  • LEADER BOARD SCORES now correctly display Divisions and Class in proper order.
  • SSL Certificate was issued and now in place where needed, not implemented across the site due to performance reasons. 
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