Update From HQ: Joyce's Presentation From The S&W Indoor Nationals

by Editor 19. March 2013 19:26
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Last month, the 16th annual Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals was held in Springfield, MA. We would like to thank Smith & Wesson for their exemplary and continued sponsorship of our sport, especially during this time of challenge to our Second Amendment rights.

On Saturday evening of the event I addressed the shooters at the banquet, and would like to share the information with our members who were not there. There are many exciting events happening in our sport and here are the highlights.

Tiger Teams:
Many of you have asked about the updated rulebook. I am happy to tell you that I have in my possession a copy of the new IDPA rulebook. Although we still have one Tiger Team working, the SO Education team who is finishing the SO curriculum, we are ready to move forward. The next four steps include:

  1. A continuity review which is scheduled for the 3rd week of March. That review, which will include myself, Robert, Terry, Kitty, and other team members, will see us reviewing our document and confirm we have covered every area we want to address.
  2. The second step is presenting the new rulebook to the IDPA Board of Directors (BoD).
  3. The third step, after BoD changes and approval, is to post the document on the IDPA website for member input.
  4. Finally, the fourth step, after assimilating member feedback, is to post the final rulebook, along with a future date that the new rulebook will be in effect. This timeframe between posting of the final rulebook and the effective date will allow members to read it and make themselves familiar with it. We will also use this time to recertify all current SOs and select Safety Officer Instructors for each state. Additionally, our Tigers have selected and are implementing the on-line software that will be used for recertifying current Safety Officers. There will be no charge to our members for this recertification.

As we have mentioned previously, we have always been driven by the need to do the best possible job with the new rulebook, rather than drive to a specific date. We will continue to follow that methodology until such time that we can provide finite dates for each milestone individually.

I am most excited about our continued work on our new website with RangeLog. Events are the lifeblood of any sport - RangeLog’s new Member Services will offer the ability for IDPA clubs to build single day, multi-day and recurring matches and display the events on the club’s detail page, as well as the IDPA’s match calendar.

IDPA competitors will be able to build their personal shooter biography, display or keep private, and allow members to view and bookmark other members from public score cards and leader boards. The new website will also provide IDPA competitors with a central site to view scores from matches and compare best scores/times for each stage they have completed. Coming soon, IDPA clubs can post registration fees and collect fees online, with access to online self-squadding tools and match management.

Smith and Wesson will be hosting the first-even Backup Gun (BUG) Nationals in November of this year. Shooters will be alerted later this year of specifics for this match. Watch for more information about all of these initiatives in the Tactical Journal and on the IDPA website and blog.

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