Puerto Rico Nationals Stage 5: Ready

by Editor 14. March 2013 19:01
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SCENARIO: You have just returned home from an IDPA practice when you hear your kids screaming as a gang breaks into your house.

PROCEDURE: Start seated at table, hands on Xs. Unloaded gun with all magazines in the range bag.

At signal retrieve your gun and magazines from the range bag. Load your gun and go to P1. At P1 engage T1-T2 with two shots, PP1 until it falls and move to P2. At P2 engage T3-T4 with two shoots, PP2–PP3 until it falls and move to P3. At P3 engage T5 - T6 with two shoots. Tactical priority and cover must be used for all shots.

SCORING: Vickers
TARGETS: 9 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat, 3 Steel
SCORED HITS: Best Two Shots On Target

STAGE DESIGNER: IDPAstagedesigner.com / Max Rivera

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