Puerto Rico Nationals Stage 11: Shopping Mall Robbery

by Editor 14. March 2013 20:31
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SCENARIO: You leave your car in the Valet Parking area to enter the Mall. At the main entrance there are armed robbers waiting for you. You have no other choice but to defend yourself as you see them.

PROCEDURE: Start standing at P1 with firearm loaded to division capacity and hands relaxed at your sides.

At signal with your week hand close the door, engage T1-T2 in tactical sequence(1-2-1) while moving from P1 to P2. At P2 engage T3-T5 with two shoots and move to P3. At P3 engage T6-T7 with at least one knee on the ground. You must hit the metal leg of target first, to see T6- T7. Then hit T6-T7 with two shoots each in tactical priority.

SCORING: Vickers
TARGETS: 7 IDPA, 2 Steel
SCORED HITS: Best Two Shots On Target


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