S&W Indoor Nationals Stage 2: Shotgun Wedding

by Editor 20. February 2013 08:45
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In the eternal battle of the Hatfields and McCoys, a shotgun wedding is bound to happen, so this stage is called 'Shotgun Wedding' and was designed by CWO Chad Barber, USCG, and is sponsored by Panteao Productions. It features 16 targets and 6 non-threats (one of which is the mother-in-law, so expect some lower scores).

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be CWO Chad Barber.

SCENARIO: It’s been a long time coming but the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s children are getting hitched. Or are they? Grandpa ain’t having nun-o-vit when he puts a shotgun in your back.

PROCEDURE: Start standing at P1, gun loaded to division capacity and holstered.

At the signal, turn and knock shotgun out of your brides line of fire activating T1 and T2 in the aisle, draw and engage T1 and T2 with one shot each while static and then proceed left or right as needed to defend the wedding party. Use Caution as there are many unarmed guest in the church.

SCORING: Vickers
TARGETS: 16 IDPA, 6 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best One Shot On Target

STAGE SPONSOR: Panteao Productions
WEBSITE: www.PanteaoProductions.com

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