S&W Indoor Nationals Stage 6: Hell At The Hospital

by Editor 18. February 2013 15:30
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It ain't easy being a first responder, especially when those Eastern European terrorists won't give up. And when they're willing to chase you into the hospital, well you know you're in for one helluva day. Of course you aren't about to give up either. 'Hell At The Hospital' was designed by Jo-Anne McKeon and is sponsored by XS Sight Systems.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Ted Picard.

SCENARIO: After fending off an attack while transporting your charge, you are pushing him through the Emergency Room where more enemy agents stage another attack. You must eliminate the threat.

PROCEDURE: Start at P1 with both hands on gurney.

On the signal, pull patient to cover using weak hand, while drawing your firearm and engaging T1 & T2 with your strong hand only in tactical priority. Once the patient is behind cover, go to cover on either side of the doorway and engage the remaining threat targets in tactical priority.

SCORING: Vickers
TARGETS: 9 IDPA, 3 Non-Threat

WEBSITE: www.XSSights.com

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