S&W Indoor Nationals Stage 5: Hell On Wheels

by Editor 18. February 2013 07:00
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Don't you hate it when Eastern European terrorists come after you? 'Hell On Wheels' – designed by Taras Rudko and sponsored by FMG Publications – pits you against these terrorists who are after the diplomat you are transporting to the hospital. The terrorists think you're just an EMT. Aren't they in for a surprise!

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Ted Picard.

SCENARIO: You are a trained medic and low profile security specialist. Your assignment is to help transport a sick diplomat from an Eastern European country from the airport to a hospital. Unfortunately, several enemy agents have followed you and decided to take action when you are stopped at a crowded intersection. Thinking that you are nothing more than a medic, 2 of them jump out of their vehicle, throw open the ambulance doors, and draw their weapons. You must take action to defend your charge.

PROCEDURE: Start kneeling inside ambulance, both hands on patient.

When the ambulance doors open, draw and engage T1 and T2 in tactical sequence, then engage T3-T6 in tactical sequence.

SCORING: Vickers
TARGETS: 6 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat

WEBSITE: www.FMGPublications.com

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