IDPA Insights: It's Comp-Tac for Competition & CCW

by Editor 23. October 2012 09:15
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Similar to firearms brands used by IDPA competitors – at least at the major matches – the choice of holster comes down to two main players: Blade-Tech and Comp-Tac Victory Gear. This was true at the 2011 IDPA World Shoot where Blade-Tech had 31.7% of the competitors to Comp-Tac's 30.4%. The numbers from the 2012 Carolina Cup were almost the same but with Comp-Tac taking the lead with 30.3% to Blade-Tech's 29.5%.

Below is the breakout of the top holster brands at the Carolina Cup. The numbers are based on the equipment survey. Please note that while we had just 122 respondents (37.6%) out of of 324 competitors, the numbers do reflect those from the World Shoot.  

In addition to tracking preferences in competition gear, the equipment survey for the 2012 Carolina Cup also asked about preferences in CCW gear. Of those that responded, 92.9% hold a CCW with 7.1% either responding "no" or not answering the question. The high percentage of IDPA competitors holding a CCW clearly reflects the sport's foundation in real world defensive style shooting.

When it comes to the preferred brands of holsters used by competitors for their primary carry gun, the list was much broader than that for competition. Unfortunately a large number (17.9%) declined to name a brand, so the true breakdown is difficult to tell with certainty. However, Comp-Tac Victory Gear once again emerges as the top choice with over one fifth choosing holsters from the Houston-based maker. 

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