IDPA Insights: 67% Handloaded for 2012 Carolina Cup

by Editor 22. October 2012 10:00
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During the 2012 Carolina Cup IDPA asked competitors to fill out an equipment survey in order to collect additional data following up on the survey conducted during the 2011 IDPA World Shoot. While we have completed surveys from only 126 (38.8%) of the 324 shooters, the data collected does provide some interesting insights, especially when compared to the information from the 2011 World Shoot.

Ammunition is one of those areas where there was a significant change. Whether because of a smaller survey sample, issues with availability, or cost, the percentage of shooters handloading jumped from 53% at the World Shoot to 67.2% at the Carolina Cup.

Though the percentage of respondents shooting factory loads declined from 47% to 32.8%, IDPA added an ammo brand question to find out what factory loads competitors were shooting. Not surprisingly Federal (22.5%) and Winchester (20.0%) led the pack, and along with Atlanta Arms & Ammo (12.5%) accounted for over half of the factory ammo used during the Carolina Cup.

For those loading their own match ammo, Hodgdon once again held the lion share with 58% compared to 48% for the World Shoot. Winchester moved ahead of Vihtavuori as the second most popular brand of powder with 19.8%.

When it comes to primers, the numbers skew down for Federal and CCI due to the nearly 30% of the respondents failing to indicate which brand of primer they used. Interestingly, Winchester held firm with 24.7% of Carolina Cup reloads compared to 25% at the World Shoot.

The story on brass is the increase in the number of shooters opting to mix the brands they use instead of committing to just one. At the World Shoot "mixed" brass accounted for 53% while at the Carolina Cup it's up to almost 80%.

Jacketed bullets were the preferred bullet type with just over half those reloading choosing jacketed over plated (28.4%) or lead (21.0%). 

The number of bullet brands was down significantly at the Carolina Cup with competitors loading 16 different brands compared to 44 at the World Shoot. This may yet again be a reflection of the fewer completed surveys. However, Montana Gold Bullet once again proved the dominant brand with almost a third shooting their bullet. Berry's finished as the second most popular bullet, just as they did at the World Shoot, while Precision Delta finished third.

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