From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: The Results

by Editor 21. October 2012 16:22
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Well it's all over but for the crying... Thanks to Kitty Richards we have the early results from the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. And a couple more photos, like this action shot (right) of Ron Singer, stats guys for the match, taking it easy. When a match runs this smooth the awards ceremony takes care of itself. 

CDP Champion - Craig Buckland
ESP Champion - AJ Stuart
SSP Champion - Andy Arnal
SSR Champion - Casey Dudek
ESR Champion - Kirk Crego
High Lady - Sharon Burwell
High Senior - Brad Bends
High LEO - Burt Dopirak
High Industry - AJ Stuart
High Junior - John Curtis III
High Military Veteran - Doug Bryant
High Dist. Senior - Dan Smith
Most Accurate - David Woodbridge (7)

ABOVE: High Lady Sharon Burwell takes on stage 3 at the Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship.

BELOW: Match Director Corey Murphy with David Woodbridge who was the match's most accurate shooter with just 7 points down.

ABOVE: Match Director Corey Murphy with Dave Bair who took Marksman honors in Stock Service Pistol.

BELOW: And finally, the people that made it all happen. The Safety Officers and Staff of the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. 

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