On To Nationals: Update On The Campeonato Internacional

by Editor 21. September 2012 14:27
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Halfway through day 3 of the 2012 IDPA National Championships and the news in the International Championship race is the DQ of David Bento, the Venezuelan shooter who was the odds on favorite to defend his 2011 title. This opens up the race. Here are the current top five:

316.21 (137) - Vrikson Acosta ESP/EX, Team Venezuela
318.11 (119) - Rodrigo Carvajal ESP/MA, Team Costa Rica
333.73 (153) - Ricardo Zanotti ESP/MA, Team Venezuela
335.77 (86) - Maximino Rivera SSP/MA, Team Puerto Rico
335.81 (124) - Jose Rivera SSP/MA, Team Puerto Rico

Nelso Lopez Iglesias and Juan Carlos Gonzalez of Venezuela are both out on the range right now shooting in the afternoon relay so won't know until later how their scores compare with those of the current leaders.

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