On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 16

by Editor 20. September 2012 08:20
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Say "Goodfellas" and the whole "You think I'm funny?" bit comes to mind. This ain't that. Stage 16 is called 'Goodfellas, Prelude' where you find yourself in the trunk of a car. This stage was designed by Dean Brevit and sponsored by Grand Power.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Rodrigo Carvajal.

SCENARIO: You have been beaten and tossed into the trunk of an automobile. You awaken and find a weapon in the trunk. Hearing voices outside you know you need to take action.

PROCEDURE: Start lying on your side in trunk of car. Gun, with 5 round magazine and all reloads are in trunk beside you. Gun starts with chamber empty. Strong hand is on trunk release handle.

At signal pull handle, retrieve gun and engage T1-T3 with 2 rounds each. Then engage T4-T5 with 2 rounds each in tactical priority.

SCORING: Vickers

WEBSITE: www.GrandPower.eu

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