On To Nationals: The Day Of The Downpour

by Editor 19. September 2012 06:34
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The 2012 IDPA National Championships officially begin today, but yesterday saw the SO staff out on the range desperately trying to in as many stages as possible when the rain was its lightest or there was a break. Unfortunately it was a downpour most of the day with thunder storms rolling through around 3:00pm.

We have it on good authority - from none-other-than The Weather Channel - that today will be much better with just a 10% chance of rain. The rest of the week is supposed to be clear as well if a bit cloudy at times.

Despite the downpour IDPA welcomed back the TV crew from Shooting Gallery and the show's host Michael Bane, a good friend of IDPA. They'll be back out on the range today and rumor has it they might break out the Phantom camera - you know, the one that does that super slow-mo that makes shooting look uber cool. If you see them be sure to say hello (when they aren't filming of course).

One guy you won't see on the range is Jerry Miculek. In order to attend a match outside the U.S., the Team Smith & Wesson Revo King shot the entire match in yesterday's downpour...all 16 stages.

Afterwards you could find Miculek hanging out with the Safety Officers talking about the stages, shooting with his family and how to Wal-Mart your gun - a very funny story that proves once again how the single best revolver shooter in history is a true man of the people. Which is probably why nobody doesn't like Jerry Miculek...nobody.

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