On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 2

by Editor 19. September 2012 08:00
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It's time to save Earl a third time. The second stage of the 2012 Nationals is called 'Saving Earl III' and sponsored by GlockTriggers.com. The stage was designed by Frank Glover and Toni Dandreamatteo, who apparently aren't big fans of this Earl guy because they keep putting him in harm's way.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Kenneth Burgess.

SCENARIO: You and your buddy Earl are taking a shortcut through an alley, when three guys jump into the alley and shoot Earl. As you encounter these threats and move to get Earl to safety, more bad guys appear.

PROCEDURE: Start holstered and loaded with 6 rounds only standing at P1. At signal, engage T1-T3 with 2 rounds each while advancing toward Earl. While dragging Earl to safety, engage T4-T6 with 2 rounds each. From cover at P2 engage PP1 until it falls & T-7 with 2 rounds.

SCORING: Vickers

STAGE SPONSOR: GlockTriggers.com
WEBSITE: www.GlockTriggers.com
TWITTER: @GlockTriggers
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/GlockTriggers

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