On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 15

by Editor 18. September 2012 20:00
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Nobody interrupts you when you're grilling. Nobody! But that seems to be exactly what stage designer Frank Glover has in store for you on stage 15, 'On My New Deck.' Sponsored by Remington Arms Company, the Big Green Machine of the firearms industry, this is all about you facing off against the Purple Gang...and they don't stand a chance.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Rodrigo Carvajal.

SCENARIO: You are trying out your new grill on your newly completed deck when you are attacked by “Little Willy” and his Purple gang.

PROCEDURE: Start loaded and holstered standing at grill (P1), holding spatula in strong hand. At signal, engage T1-T6 with 2 rounds each from low cover of grill.

SCORING: Vickers

STAGE SPONSOR: Remington Arms Company
WEBSITE: www.Remington.com
TWITTER: @RemingtonArms
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/RemingtonArmsCompany


Final Stage Reveals Wednesday and Thursday, Sept. 19-20, During The Match

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