On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 7

by Editor 17. September 2012 20:00
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Sponsored by Cheaper Than Dirt! and designed by Frank Glover, stage 7 is called 'The Warehouse' and for good reason. Just like in a real warehouse where there are plenty of hiding places the bad guys on this stage will drop out of sight on you if you aren't fast. Thankfully though, you'll have the opportunity to pick-up two of them from another shooting position.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Ron Rhoden.

SCENARIO: You are working security at a warehouse when you confront thieves that have broken into the building.

PROCEDURE: Start at P1, loaded and holstered, facing visible targets with hand on gun. At signal, engage T1-T3 with 2 rounds each (T1-T2 will be visible later, T3 is disappearing). Then move to P2 and engage T4-T6 in tactical priority. T1–T2 will have their heads visible from here if you need to re-engage them.

SCORING: Vickers

STAGE SPONSOR: Cheaper Than Dirt!
PHONE: 800-421-8047
WEBSITE: www.CheaperThanDirt.com
TWITTER: @CheaperThanDirt
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/CheaperThanDirt


Next Stage Reveal Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 8:00pm ET

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