On To Nationals: Still No "I" In Team

by Editor 12. September 2012 09:06
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After hours of research, we are still unable to find an "I" in team, but we do know which teams will be at the 2012 IDPA National Championships.  Here's a look at those competing on behalf of their sponsor(s)...and one team that's definitely questionable. Let us know if we are missing anybody shooting for a particular sponsor.

Team 10-8 Performance
Mike Alexander

Team Amendment 2 Gear
Mike Seymour

Team Armadillo
Blair Duroy
Ray Duroy
Raymond Duroy
Ricky Gilbert
Becky Sells
Darrell Sells (Capt)
Boone Smith

Black Bullets Intl.
Brian Stricker

Team Comp-Tac
Gordon Carrell
Gregg Garrett (Capt)
Randi Rogers

Matt Mink

Tori Nonaka

Team ITI
Brandon Wright
Gary Byerly

Team Panteao
Massad Ayoob
Dave Harrington
Bob Vogel
Tom Yost (Capt)

Team Para USA
Lee Wills

Team RangeLog
Morgan Allan
Toni Dandreamatteo
Ken Lambert
Ravin Perry
Rob Tate
Jesse Wills
Lee Wills

Team Safariland
Tierani Hendrix
Bobby McGee
Bob Vogel

Team Smith & Wesson
Jerry Miculek
David Olhasso

And then there's this so-called team...

Team Bubba
Terry 'Bubba' Burba (Capt)
Kitty Richards
Phil Torres
Iron Mike Webb
Michael Williams
Joyce Wilson (Coach, Not Competing)



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