Venezuela’s Iglesias Wins High International At IDPA National Championship

by Editor 25. September 2013 07:45
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TULSA, Okla. – Venezuela’s Nelso Lopez Iglesias topped a field of shooters representing 9 foreign nations and the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico to claim the High International title this past weekend at the IDPA U.S. National Championship.

Iglesias, who competed as a Master in the Enhanced Service Pistol division, outpaced Costa Rica’s Rodrigo Carvajal by 2.69 seconds to take the title with a final time of 277.12 seconds with 45 points down.

“IDPA is proud and honored to have hosted the outstanding competitors from across the globe that came to compete against America’s best at our 2013 U.S. National Championship. And it is with great pleasure that I congratulate, on behalf of all IDPA members, Venezuela’s Nelso Lopez Iglesias on winning this year’s High International title,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director of IDPA.

In the race for High International, Carvajal, an SSP Master, finished with 279.81 (85) followed by Juan Carlos Gonzalez Valdez of Venezuela, an ESP Master, in third place with 280.95 (26). With just 26 points down, Gonzalez Valdez was honored with the Most Accurate award for the Championship.

Rounding out the top five were ESP Master Vrikson Acosta with 286.07 (79) in fourth and Miguel Angel Sanchez, an SSP Master, in fifth with 290.82 (69). Both are from Venezuela.

The 2013 IDPA U.S. National Championship took place September 19-22 in Tulsa, Okla., drawing many of the shooting sports' top pistol and revolver shooters. Among those competing were shooters from Argentina, Austria, Costa Rica, England, Finland, Italy, Mexico, the Philippines, Puerto Rico and Venezuela.

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DOWN ZERO BLOG | NE Regional: Standings After Day 2

NE Regional: Standings After Day 2

by Editor 18. August 2012 22:13
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Here's a look at the preliminary scores after Day 2 at the New England Regional IDPA Championship. The match wraps up tomorrow with first shots fired at 10:00am. More detailed scores are posted online at

      CDP Leader:  Craig Buckland    Master 261.66 (66)
      ESP Leader:   Dave Solimini    Master 252.46 (51)
      SSP Leader:   David Dolio    Master 223.44 (68)
      ESR Leader:   Gene Gelberger    Master 305.05 (69)
      SSR Leader:   Joe Linskey    Unclassified 304.16 (43)

      Current High Senior:  Michael Joffe    ESP - Expert 293.19 (54)
      Current High Lady:   Kim Buckland    ESP - Marksman 444.91 (64)
      Current High Law Enforcement:  Hanwei Hsieh    SSP - Master 261.09 (78)
      Current High Industry:  Craig Buckland    CDP - Master 261.66 (66)
      Current High Junior:  Duncan McNaughton    ESP - Marksman 472.32(195)
      Current High Military:  Carl Bodin    SSP - Sharpshooter 332.35(106)
      Current High Distinguished Senior:   Frank Palka    SSR - Expert 365.49 (48)
      Current Most Accurate:   Vladimir Klokov    SSP - Expert 304.21 (32)

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