NE Regional Stage 12: Disco Fever

by Editor 17. August 2012 15:30
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We wrap up DOWN ZERO's preview of the 2012 New England Regional IDPA Championship with the 12th and final stage of the match, the club themed stage 'Disco Fever.' Designed by Match Director Michael Joffe of MetroWest Tactical, this stage features 16 rounds scoring the best two on each of the 8 paper targets. Concealment is required, however, no bonus points for wearing a white polyester leisure suit.

SCENARIO: You are enjoying a (soft!) drink in a club when hell breaks loose. The only way out lies across the dance floor…

START POSITION: Seated at P1 back against the chair, both hands on the table, a drink in one hand. Firearm loaded to division capacity, holstered. Ammo carriers stowed on the body.

PROCEDURE: Stand up, draw, and engage targets T1-T3 with two rounds each from P1. Advance to P2 and engage T4 using cover. Advance to P3in the open and engage disappearing targets T5-T6, proceed to Cover position P3 and engage T7-T8.

SCORING:         Vickers, 16 Rounds Minimum
TARGETS:         8 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS:   Best 2 on Paper
START-STOP:     Audible-Last Shot
PENALTIES:       Per IDPA Rules

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