NE Regional Stage 6: Barrel Retreat

by Editor 15. August 2012 16:23
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Jim Martin designed this barrel-a-palooza for Stage 6 of the New England Regional IDPA Championship. Called Barrel Retreat, it's an 18 round stage featuring 9 targets with 3 non-threats thrown in for good measure. Tomorrow we take a look at another three stages as part of our course of fire preview.

SCENARIO: Sometimes retreat is the only way forward.

START POSITION: Standing at P1, hands relaxed at sides. Firearm loaded to division capacity, holstered. Ammunition carriers stowed on the body.

PROCEDURE: Draw and engage T1-T9 while moving. T1 and T2 must be engaged in tactical sequence, T3-T9 as they become visible. Shooter may change direction to advance, if needed, but all shots must be taken on the move. Barrels are visual barriers, no available cover on this stage.

SCORING:         Vickers, 18 Rounds Minimum
TARGETS:         9 IDPA, 3 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS:   Best 2 on Paper
START-STOP:     Audible-Last Shot
PENALTIES:       Per IDPA Rules

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