NE Regional Stage 5: Airline Safety

by Editor 15. August 2012 11:50
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It's 'Go Time' aboard the plane. Designed by Jim Martin, Stage 5 at the New England Regional features 18 targets that match up perfectly with your 18 rounds. Just look out for those 6 non-threats....It's Go Time!

SCENARIO: A pilot of a hijacked plane, you are the only lawfully armed person on board who can save the day.

START POSITION: Seated at P1 facing up range. Firearm loaded to division capacity in IDPA box at P2. Ammo carriers next to the box.

PROCEDURE: Retrieve firearm and engage T1-T9 from P2 using doorway as cover. Advance to P3 and engage T10-T18 using drinks cart as cover. Cart can be moved only by hand. T1-T9 may not be reengaged once shooter leaves P2.

SCORING:         Vickers, 18 Rounds Minimum
TARGETS:         18 IDPA, 6 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS:   Best 1 on Paper
START-STOP:     Audible-Last Shot
PENALTIES:       Per IDPA Rules

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