NE Regional Stage 2: Blind Copy

by Editor 14. August 2012 12:50
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Stage 2 of the 2012 New England Regional Championship is called 'Blind Copy.' Designed by Match Director Michael Joffe of MetroWest Tactical, this is a Limited Vickers stage with a maximum round count of 12. It features 3 IDPA targets and 1 non-threat. Here's the layout...

SCENARIO: Skill drill.

START POSITION: Standing P1 (middle of the barrier), facing downrange, hands relaxed at sides. Firearm loaded to division capacity, holstered. Ammo carriers stowed on the body.

PROCEDURE: Engage T1-T3 from P2-P4. One of the two positions P2 and P4 on the left and right of the barrier is a low cover position (shooter’s choice), P3 is prone shooting through the port. Each target has to be engaged with at least 1 round from each shooting position. Opening the port activates the NT mover. All IDPA cover rules apply.

SCORING:         Limited Vickers, 12 Rounds Maximum
TARGETS:          3 IDPA, 1 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS:   Best 4 on Paper, Steel Must Fall
START-STOP:     Audible-Last Shot
PENALTIES:       Per IDPA Rules
CONCEALMENT:  Not Required

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