NE Regional Stage 1: Move With Cover

by Editor 14. August 2012 08:50
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This Friday marks the start of the New England Regional IDPA Championship which is being hosted by MetroWest Tactical at the Harvard Sportsmen's Club. SOs and staff will shoot Friday, with the main body of shooters competing Saturday and Sunday. Match Director Michael Joffe and his team have put together 12 exciting stages for the 191-round-count (min) match. Thanks to the " A-O·kay" from Area Coordinator Tom Yost and IDPA Executive Director Joyce Wilson, DOWN ZERO will be showcasing all 12 stages beginning today.

Stage 1 of the 2012 New England Regional is called 'Move With Cover.' This 17-round stage was designed by Jon Nierenburg and features 8 IDPA targets, 2 non-threats and 1 steel popper. Here's the low-down...

SCENARIO: You and your partner are called to the scene of a traffic accident when armed robbers come running out of the bank across the street. The robbers see your patrol car and immediately start blasting. You put your patrol car in gear and use it as cover to get across the street to better cover while returning fire. Based on the BoA Robbery in Brentwood, TN – May 6, 2002.

START POSITION: Standing at P1, hands relaxed at sides. Firearm loaded to division capacity, holstered. Ammunition carriers stowed on the body.

PROCEDURE: At the start signal press the button with your strong hand to start the car moving. Draw and engage T1-T9 while using the car as cover on the move to P2.

SCORING:         Vickers, 17 Rounds Minimum
TARGETS:         8 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat, 1 Steel
SCORED HITS:   Best 2 on Paper, Steel Must Fall
START-STOP:     Audible-Last Shot
PENALTIES:       Per IDPA Rules

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