From Texas, With Kitty: And The Winner Is....

by Editor 2. July 2012 09:26
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The full match results from this weekend's Texas State IDPA Championship have been posted on the Collin County IDPA's website, but here is a look at the highlights.

CDP Div. Champion
Zeb Pomerenke 218.09 (19) EX

ESP Div. Champion
Brian Strickler 186.25 (27) MA

SSP Div. Champion
Gordon Carrell 181.12 (12) DM

ESR Div. Champion
Greg Kratochvil 258.10 (20) EX

SSR Div. Champion
Todd Speck 309.63 (25) SS

High Lady
Randi Rogers 212.17 (32) ESP/MA

High Law Enforcement
Buddy Best 235.34 (25) SSP/MA

High Senior
Mark Thompson 206.56 (38) ESP/EX

High Dist. Senior
Sam Jones 317.63 (37) ESP/SS

High Military Veteran
Bill Go 224.67 (38) SSP/MA

High Junior
Nathan Higdon 250.60 (46) CDP/EX

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