Carolina Cup: Interim Scores (Last Day)

by Editor 16. June 2012 15:40
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First, these scores are UNOFFICIAL and reflect the standings among competitors who have scores posted for all 16 stages. While not all the competitors' scores for all 16 stages are posted yet, and some squads are still on the range shooting, it doesn't appear that any shooter could overtake these division leaders. We stress that these scores (as of 3:45pm) remain UNOFFICIAL.

Bob Vogel

Custom Defensive Pistol

MA Gary Byerly 227.44

Enhanced Service Pistol

MA Brandon Wright 207.84

Stock Service Pistol

DM Bob Vogel 183.63

Enhanced Service Revolver

MA Toni Dandreamatteo 314.29

Stock Service Revolver

MA Gregg Kratochvil 247.93 (still out on the range, not a final score)

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