Carolina Cup: Interim Scores (Day 2)

by Editor 15. June 2012 07:48
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Below are the division and classification leaders after day 2 at the Carolina Cup. The scores are UNOFFICIAL and reflect the standings among competitors who have scores for all 16 stages posted. These scores will change. 

Custom Defensive Pistol

MA Larry Hill 323.90

EX Ken Burgess 313.94

SS Peter Hagar 297.12

MM William Benbow 384.71

Enhanced Service Pistol

MA Brandon Wright 207.84

EX Russell Poole 233.81

SS Eli Colotta 316.98

MM Bill Giddings 376.28

Stock Service Pistol

MA Tom Yost 227.56

EX John Healy 310.63

SS Brian Abbott 331.42

MM Jose Gonalez 390.25

NO Ed Fitzgerald 490.91

Enhanced Service Revolver

MA Toni Dandreamatteo 314.29

EX Irvin Earles 389.65

SS Justin Lassiter 440.03

MM Jody Patterson 564.29

Stock Service Revolver

EX Will Williamson 392.62

SS Joe Broz 504.45 

MM Richard Von Furstenburg 465.94

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