Carolina Cup: What To Expect

by Editor 14. June 2012 18:10
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DOWN ZERO spoke to Tom Yost, the captain of the Panteao Productions shooting team, to get his take on this year's Carolina Cup. Yost finished the match on Wednesday with an unofficial final time 227.56, and 24 points down, competing in the Stock Service Pistol division where he's classified as a Master.

Tom Yost

DZ: Now that you have shot the match, what's your take on the stages and the overall course of fire?
TY: This year's course of fire is a lot more difficult than it looks in the match booklet.

DZ: How so?
TY: With Frank Glover's [Match Director] stages, he gets you driving wide-open down the straightaway then forces you to downshift to get through a hairpin turn. This puts a lot of pressure on a shooter to switch from one extreme to another, and all on a single stage. When that happens, the disaster factor rockets up and gets a shooter out of their comfort zone real quick.

DZ: Is every stage like that, or are there some that are straight forward?
TY: No, not every stage. It was good to see a standards stage in the match, which a lot of shooters will feel comfortable shooting. But again, they have to be careful because it looks deceptively easy until you hit a no-shoot. In my squad I was one of only two shooters that didn't tag a no-shoot.

DZ: Where do you think this year's championship will be determined?
TY: I think that we're going to see the match come down to two of the stages. They are stage 2, The Stoplight, and stage 16, Saving Earl. Both are very challenging and one slipup on either of these stages could cost a shooter the title. This is where the match will likely be determined.

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