Carolina Cup: Stage Scenarios

by Editor 14. June 2012 22:35
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For those of you not attending the 2012 IDPA Carolina Cup, here's a rundown of the scenarios for each stage as provided in the match booklet.

Stage 1 - The Store

The convenience store business gets exciting sometimes. Start standing facing counter, loaded gun on shelf.

Stage 2 - The Stoplight

You are at an intersection waiting for the light to change when an attempted hijacking occurs. Start seated in vehicle, hands on wheel with loaded gun on seat beside you. 

Stage - Oops!

Start loaded and holstered standing with hands relaxed by your side facing downrange. Targets are arranged in three arrays of three each.

Stage 4 - Gas Stop Boogie

A gang of thugs gather around your van bent on your demise. Start loaded and holstered facing van, strong hand on gas nozzle.

Stage 5 - A Friendly Card Game

Your friendly card game gets interrupted by a gang come to rob everyone. Fight your way to the rear exit. Start loaded and holstered, seated on stool holding cards in both hands.

Stage 6 - In The Kitchen

You are cooking breakfast when you have to counter a home invasion. Start standing facing stove, strong hand on handle of frying pan. Gun and reloads are on kitchen table.

Stage 7 - Trouble at the Roach Coach

There is an attempted robbery of your lunch wagon. Start loaded and holstered, leaning on the edge of the counter with both hands.

Stage 8 - Fast then Slow II

No scenario provided.

Stage 9 - Dry Cleaners

You are at the ATM outside getting cash to pay the bill. While you are getting your cash you notice a lookout just as he sounds the alarm to his buddies who are robbing the cleaners. Start loaded and holstered standing at the ATM with strong hand on keys.

Stage 10 - Jefe in Trouble

Being the “Bossman” sometimes makes you a target and sometimes you have to handle stuff yourself. Start seated in near seat of van with loaded gun on seat beside you.

Stage 11 - Run off the Road

You have been run off the road during an attempted carjack. Start seated in vehicle, hands on wheel, loaded gun on seat, reloads in glove box.

Stage 12 - Johnny "Sacks"

While attending a funeral of a famed mobster, trouble erupts with a rival mob family. Star loaded and holstered.

Stage 13 - In the Woods and then it goes Bad

You are cutting trees that were damaged by a recent storm when you are attacked by looters. Start standing holding saw with both hands.

Stage 14 - Speed Drill III

No scenario provided.

Stage 15 - Suzanne's Bike Ride

Little Louie and his gang are at it again. This time terrorizing people biking in the park. He picked the wrong person today. Start kneeling beside bike checking the chain (both hands on chain).

Stage 16 - Saving Earl

You and your buddy. Earl are taking a shortcut through an alley, when three guys jump into the alley and shoot Earl. As you counter these threats and move to get Earl to safety three more bad guys appear in front of you. Start holstered and loaded, with 6 rounds only, standing.

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