Countdown To The Cup: Randi Rogers vs. Randi Rogers

by Editor 11. June 2012 19:51
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Randi Rogers is one of the most recognized names in competitive pistol shooting and she's racked up countless titles in several disciplines along the way. In IDPA competition, Randi is frequently taking High Lady honors, like she did earlier this year at the Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals where she finished 7th Master with a score of 193.74 (70). She also took High Lady at the European Cup, again shooting SSP and finishing with 198.07 (39) for 2nd Master.

While she'll just about never admit it - out of respect for her fellow lady competitors, and respect for the sport - Randi is the odds-on favorite to take High Lady at this year's Carolina Cup. But for the former Team Glock shooter now shooting - and working - for Comp-Tac Victory Gear, Randi Rogers' focus is squarely on beating last year's Carolina Cup High Lady...Randi Rogers.

Randi Rogers

DZ: How many times have you shot the Carolina Cup?
RR: I have competed at the Carolina Cup for the past three years.

DZ: What division did you shoot and where did you finish?
RR: Last year I shot Stock Service Pistol (SSP) where I finished High Lady, and 4th SSP Master.

DZ: Are you shooting SSP again this year?
RR: Yes. This year I am again competing as an SSP Master and going for the High Lady title.

DZ: What part of your shooting are you focusing on in your practice leading up to The Cup?
RR: The thing that I am practicing most to get ready for the Carolina Cup is setting up in position. When you are practicing to shoot from cover it is important that you put your feet in the proper position and extend the gun toward the target quickly. I have a bad habit of spending too much time looking at my feet and waiting too long to extend the gun.

DZ: What gear will you shoot in The Cup?
RR: I will be shooting my Comp-Tac holster and magazine pouches. I will be shooting 147 grain Atlanta Arms & Ammo with my 5.11 vest, ELS Eyewear and customer molded earplugs. Hopefully I won’t need a flashlight but if I do I will have my trusty SureFire!

DZ: Do you have any formal sponsors? (pretend like we don't already know)
RR: Yes, Comp-Tac!

DZ: You probably shot more matches in more disciplines than most shooters. What do you like most about shooting The Cup?
RR: I love the stages the most at the Carolina Cup. Frank Glover does an excellent job with the stages. There are always opportunities for risk and reward where you can risk making a mistake but if you manage not too, the reward is great! The stages are also great in that they challenge even the most experienced shooter, but at the same time even a newer shooter can complete the course of fire with no problems.

DZ: What is the hardest part about shooting The Cup?
RR: The hardest part of the Cup is waiting for it each year! I love to attend and see all my old friends and shoot some great stages and sometimes it is too long a wait.

DZ: Where do you think you will finish this year?
RR: I try not to worry about where I finish. I always just set a personal goal of shooting my best. If I can shoot with no mistakes I will be happy!

DZ: If you could beat any shooter at this year's Carolina Cup who would it be?
RR: The only person I am trying to beat is me.

DZ: Is there anything else you want to mention about your preparation for The Cup?
RR: I love the Carolina Cup and look forward to shooting, heat, humidity bugs and all.

DOWN ZERO wants to thank Randi for taking time away from her practice and her job (sorry about that, Gregg) to answer our questions about preparing for The Cup. We also want to wish her good luck as she faces off against last year's High Lady, Randi Rogers. We hear she's a hard shooter to beat but we have faith in Randi.

If you are attending the Carolina Cup, Randi, along with Team Comp-Tac's Gordon Carrell and Gregg Garrett, will be on-hand throughout the match and will be happy to talk to you about Comp-Tac's holsters and mag pouches, and assist you in picking out the right gear for competition or concealed carry use.

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