From Poland, With Kitty: IDPA Poland Rolls Out The Big Guns

by Editor 20. May 2012 14:25
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Somebody seems to be having just a bit too much fun as our woman in Olsztyn (Poland), and IDPA's correspondent for Eastern Europe. But can you blame her? Yesterday Kitty Richards was swept off her feet by the new language of love: Polish. Now they are rolling out all the cool toys....including tanks!?! 

Holy cow, do these Poles know how to throw a match! Not only did they have many vendors and sponsors, they had…TANKS!!!!! WWII tanks, classic motorcycles with sidecars, a Gestapo wagon for the stats crew and some amazing artillery pieces. A reenactment group started the match by firing several volleys from their black powder cannons. Also in attendance was IDPA's All-Girl Artillery Team. - Kitty

Somebody better let Bubba know to start shopping for his own tank if he plans to keep Kitty from running off to Poland for good.

ABOVE: Don't tell us that IDPA Poland isn't serious about putting on a great match. Check out their big guns. BELOW: IDPA's All-Girl Artillery team, Kitty Richards and Joanna Lenczewska, stands ready to rain lead down on our enemies, with both class and style.

ABOVE & BELOW: And the award for the coolest match/stage props - ever - goes to IDPA Poland.

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