From Poland, With Kitty: Honor Roll of Champions

by Editor 22. May 2012 18:25
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Well it looks like our woman in Olsztyn (Poland), Kitty Richards, took a break from all that partying - Polish Style - and managed to smuggle out of the country the final official results from the 2012 IDPA Polish National Championship. Here are your division champions, and, of course, High Lady. Look for the complete stage-by-stage results to be posted on shortly.

CDP Champion - Leszek Sokolowski CDP Master 236.89
ESP Champion - Marco Pedrana ESP Master 204.94
SSP Champion - Tomasz Redecki SSP Expert 224.52
ESR Champion - Marcin Galalazka ESR Expert 301.45
SSR Champion - Andrej Lipa SSR Expert 303.13
High Lady - Joanna Lenczewska ESP Expert 297.70

Congratulations to the 2012 Polish National Champions, and congratulations to the match staff and volunteers for a job well done. Thanks to the magic of the intertube, we have this video of your 2012 Polish Nats CDP Div. Champion Leszek Sokolowski in action. And yes, if you look closely you'll spot Kitty and Joanna working the match.

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From Poland, With Kitty: Now This Is A Trophy!

by Editor 21. May 2012 21:13
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Kitty Richards called the IDPA Polish National Championship trophy design "very neat". We call it AWESOME. With World War II vintage military vehicles and guns, tons of local media coverage, and this sweet trophy, it's pretty clear that IDPA Poland knows how to throw a championship match.

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From Poland, With Kitty: Press. Press. Pull.

by Editor 21. May 2012 20:59
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So, besides the world's greatest stage props, the IDPA Polish National Championship drew a ton of local media attention including TV Poland. Don't worry though, Kitty assured us she was ready for her close up.

This match was a REALLY a big deal in Poland! TVP (TV Poland) came out to do an interview with Ken Ortbach and Joanna Lenczweska, and some "papparazzi" attended as well. The local radio station was also on hand. They had flying drones (no sh*t!) with cameras attached to take aerial views of the shooters running the stages. It was all very impressive! - Kitty

ABOVE: Drones? Really? Who covers an IDPA match with a camera mounted drone? Well apparently TV Poland does. BELOW: The local radio station was also on the range covering the match.

BELOW: We have no idea what his name is but we assume this photographers name is Polish for Yamil.

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From Poland, With Kitty: It's All Over, But For The Vodka...

by Editor 21. May 2012 20:02
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Our woman in Olsztyn (Poland), Kitty Richards, files this late breaking report from the IDPA Polish National Championship. Unfortunately we don't yet have the full match results but IDPA's correspondent for Eastern Europe sends us this update...

The inaugural IDPA Polish National Championship is now in the books.  Shooters smiled, laughed and moaned their way through the challenging stages, but at the end of the day, they all agreed on one thing: the match director, staff and host club for the PNC did a great job.

The hotly contested SSR Division was won by Adrej Lipa of Lithuania, who bested Przemysław Lewandowski of Poland (2nd place) and the USA's Ken Ortbach (3rd). I was thrilled to earn one of the very cool custom-made trophies for 3rd place SSP Marksman. But the big news of the day is that The Polish Pistolera, Joanna Lenczweska, won 2nd ESP SS AND took High Lady – what a homecoming for her! Will the three US shooters be back as soon as possible to shoot the Polish National Championship again?  TAK!  (YES!) - Kitty

Thanks to Kitty for keeping us in the loop. Congratulations to Ken and Joanna on a job well done. And a very special thank you to IDPA Poland for the warm hospitality and for taking such good care of your American colleagues. We can't wait for next year's championship.

ABOVE: Ken Ortbach is presented a trophy by Club MD Jacek Ostrzycki BELOW: Jacek Ostrzycki with the "Babe Bay" SOs - Joanna & Kitty, who ran Bay 4

ABOVE & BELOW: The Polish Pistolera, Joanna Lenczweska, collects her trophies from Jacek Ostrzycki.

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From Poland, With Kitty: IDPA Poland Rolls Out The Big Guns

by Editor 20. May 2012 14:25
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Somebody seems to be having just a bit too much fun as our woman in Olsztyn (Poland), and IDPA's correspondent for Eastern Europe. But can you blame her? Yesterday Kitty Richards was swept off her feet by the new language of love: Polish. Now they are rolling out all the cool toys....including tanks!?! 

Holy cow, do these Poles know how to throw a match! Not only did they have many vendors and sponsors, they had…TANKS!!!!! WWII tanks, classic motorcycles with sidecars, a Gestapo wagon for the stats crew and some amazing artillery pieces. A reenactment group started the match by firing several volleys from their black powder cannons. Also in attendance was IDPA's All-Girl Artillery Team. - Kitty

Somebody better let Bubba know to start shopping for his own tank if he plans to keep Kitty from running off to Poland for good.

ABOVE: Don't tell us that IDPA Poland isn't serious about putting on a great match. Check out their big guns. BELOW: IDPA's All-Girl Artillery team, Kitty Richards and Joanna Lenczewska, stands ready to rain lead down on our enemies, with both class and style.

ABOVE & BELOW: And the award for the coolest match/stage props - ever - goes to IDPA Poland.

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From Poland, With Kitty: SOs Rock The 2012 IDPA Polish Championship

by Editor 19. May 2012 19:24
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Looks like we might not get our Kitty back as the Poles seem to be sweeping her off her feet by whispering sweet nothings - or stage descriptions - in her ear.

Some people swear that Italian is the language of love, but likely they have never heard an IDPA stage briefing done in Polish. 

As a veteran of many sanctioned matches, stage descriptions take on a different timbre when done in the tongue of the mother land in Olsztyn, Poland at the IDPA Polish National Championship. Really, these guys could be reading the phone book and I would still be mesmerized. What a treat to hear the stage description first in Polish and then in English! - Kitty

Today it was the SOs' turn to shoot the match, after putting the final touches on the 11 stage course of fire yesterday. And it seems wheelguns were the order of the day, or so our Kitty says.

Today the SOs and staff shot, and it turned into the battle of the Big Men with Round Guns. Shooters Przemysław Lewandowski (Poland), Ken Ortbach (USA) and Andrej Lipa (Lithuania) went head-to-head in the SSR division. Safety Officers shot late into the day to make sure the other competitors (shooting tomorrow) would find a flawless match. - Kitty

Dobre Szczęście (Polish for 'Good Luck') to all the competitors battling for Poland's coveted IDPA titles. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for another update from our woman in Olsztyn (Poland)...and pray that Bubba doesn't find out that Polish is the new language of love.

ABOVE: Poland's Przemysław Lewandowski scoring a down zero from 25 yards out. BELOW: Ken Ortbach takes on the last stage of the day.

ABOVE: Andrej Lipa of Lithuania goes prone on the long shot stage. BELOW: Local MD Jacek Ostrzycki is smiling with the contentment that only comes from a huge supply of pasters courtesy of Comp-Tac Victory Gear. We can neither confirm, nor deny, that these were "smuggled" in for this inaugural national championship by a certain Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

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From Poland, With Kitty: Set-Up at 2012 IDPA Polish Championship

by Editor 18. May 2012 20:05
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The 2012 IDPA Polish Championship kicks off tomorrow morning and our man in Havana, or in this case our woman in Olsztyn (Poland), Kitty Richards, is on hand and sends back this breaking news report.

"Construction completed today for the match. SOs will shoot tomorrow and competitors on Sunday. So far, shooters from Italy, Lithuania, Austria and Finland have arrived in Olsztyn, Poland for the match. MD Ken Ortbach has 11 challenging stages in store for the shooters." - Kitty

Good luck to the staff and competitors. And keep those reports coming, Kitty.

ABOVE: Club MD Jacek Ostrzycki hangs banners for one of the many sponsors of the match, which include Federal Premium (obviously), 5.11 and Comp-Tac. BELOW: IDPA members Piotr Palasz (standing) and Tomasz Bajerowski finish construction on one of the match stages.

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Team Panteao Hosts Free Shooting Clinic At #CarolinaCup

by Editor 17. May 2012 12:02
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Bob Vogel reloadingin IDPA competition

Imagine getting to re-shoot three stages at a major match, but this time with coaching from the likes of Dave Harrington, Tom Yost and the top shooter in the sport, Bob Vogel.

That's exactly what Team Panteao is offering – for free – to 40 shooters at the Carolina Cup next month.

For the last couple years, Panteao Productions' shooting team has been hosting this free clinic to give back to IDPA and help shooters improve their performance.

And as you can imagine the clinics are extremely popular.

“The clinic Panteao puts on at the Cup is wildly popular and fills up almost immediately,” explains Tom Yost, captain of Team Panteao and one of the instructors. “When we first started offering the clinic the idea was to help shooters realize areas where they could improve their performance by showing them Team Panteao member shot the stages.”

The Panteao team members each pick a favorite stage from the match and then coach the shooters through the stage, demonstrating how they shot it during the match. The instructors cover all aspects of their match performance including the mental game. Divided into three groups, the participants have an hour on each stage to work with the instructor on how to improve their shooting. The Clinic takes place:

Panteao Shooting Sports Clinic
9:00am to Noon
Sunday, June 17, 2012

“Besides leaving the clinic with big smiles, shooters take away a couple new tricks they can carry with them into their next match. And no student has left one of our clinics without improving their times...that's why we offer a money back guarantee,” added Yost.

Space is limited so if you'd like to participate in this FREE clinic, please RSVP as soon as possible. Participating shooters will have to bring their Carolina Cup score sheets, match gear and ammo.

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53% Handload - 2011 IDPA World Shoot Ammo By The Numbers

by Editor 30. April 2012 12:35
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If "money is the mother's milk of politics" then certainly ammo is the mother's milk of competition. While Jesse Unruh's famous quote isn't an exact fit for the shooting sports, there's no denying that without ammo there wouldn't be much in the way of actual shooting in the sports.

When it comes to ammunition for competition there are two routes shooters can take. One is buy factory loaded ammunition and the other is to reload. It's difficult to say without a broader-based survey how many IDPA members reload, but the survey results from the 2011 IDPA World Shoot (found on pages 26-33 in Vol. 15, Issue 4 of the Tactical Journal) give you a good idea of the possible trend among the sport's most active shooters where 53% handloaded and 47% opted for factory loads.

Though the survey didn't go into the various brands of factory ammunition shooters used at the World Shoot, it does shed light on the reloading habits of the competitors. When it comes to reloading, it's probably no surprise that Dillon Precision leads the pack with an overwhelming 88% of the shooters using one (or more) of their reloading presses. Hornady and RCBS trail with each accounting for 4% followed by Lee Precision with 3%.

Three brands make up 81% of powder used by those reloading at the World Shoot. Hodgdon brand powders led with nearly half of all reloaders (48%) choosing one of their powders. Vihtavuori powders account for 19% followed by Winchester powders with 14%. Accurate and Alliant powders accounted for another 8% each.

Similar to IDPA shooters' preference in powder brands, three brands of primers make up 95% of the primers used by competitors at the 2011 IDPA World Shoot. The top primer brand among the competitors reloading was Federal Premium with 42%. CCI primers were the primer of choice for 28% of competitors, followed by Winchester brand primers with 25%.

The component categories of brass and bullets saw the widest divergence of preference among competitors. No single brand of brass dominated the survey with 53% of all the competitors reloading reporting that they used a mixed variety of brass. Of those dedicated to a single brand of brass, Starline led with 14% followed closely by Winchester with 12%. Fiocchi was the only other brand with a significant percentage (7%) of the shooters. Ten other manufacturers account for the remaining 14% in the survey.

And finally....bullets. Survey respondents noted 44 different brands of bullets used in reloading, the largest selection of any category - even holsters - in the survey. Only two brands could claim a significant share of the reloading market at the World Shoot. One quarter of the shooters reloading (26%) went with Montana Gold Bullet as their bullet of choice. Berry's Manufacturing was the other major player in bullets with 17%. The remaining brands each pulled less than 10% of the shooters. Precision Bullets (8%), Precision Delta (6%), Zero Bullet Co. (5%), Rainier Ballistics (4%), and Bayou Bullets, Black Bullets Intl. and Hornady each with 3%.


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Blade Tech, Comp-Tac Top Holsters at 2011 IDPA World Shoot

by Editor 21. April 2012 11:04
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You can't compete in International Defensive Pistol Association competition without a gun. And, obviously, you can't use the gun without a holster. So which companies make the most popular holsters in IDPA? Well the equipment survey results from the 2011 IDPA World Shoot (found on pages 26-33 in Vol. 15, Issue 4 of the Tactical Journal) gives us a snapshot of what the top shooters are using.

Much like the competitors' choice in competition firearms, of the 42 brands competitors listed it was two well known companies that dominated the holster survey. Blade Tech and Comp-Tac Victory Gear combined for a total of 231 users, or 62.1% of all holsters used in the match. Blade Tech had 118 shooters (31.7%) using their gear, edging out Comp-Tac who were the preferred holster maker for 113 shooters (30.4%).

Top Holsters at 2011 IDPA World Shoot

The top seven holster brands, which included Blackhawk, Fobus, Ready Tactical Products, Safariland and Uncle Mikes, accounted for 83.1% of all holsters at the match. Below is a breakdown of each brand, the total number of models used and what percentage of the 2011 IDPA World Shoot competitors each manufacture captured.

5.11 1 0.3% Heinie 1 0.3%
Ace 1 0.3% Homeade 1 0.3%
Amadini Ghost 1 0.3% Kirkpatrick
1 0.3%
Blackhawk 1 9 5.1% Kytac
3 0.8%
Cal Tec  1 0.3% Master Tac 3 0.8%
CC Holsters  1 0.3% Mitch Rosen 1 0.3%
Compact  1 0.3% OLG
1 0.3%
D&D  4 1.1% Rapid Tactical 1 0.3%
De Santis 1 0.3% Raven 1 0.3%
Deadeye Luke 1 0.3% Ready Tactical Products 12 3.2%
Double Alpha 2 0.5% Safariland 23 6.2%
1 1 3.0% Sparks 1 0.3%
Front Line
 1 0.3% Springfield 1 0.3%
Garrett  1 0.3% Tactical Kydex 2 0.5%
G-Code  1 0.3% Talon Tactical 6 1.6%
Ghost International  1 0.3% TKC 1 0.3%
Glock  1 0.3% TKW 7 1.9%
Grip Tac  1 0.3%  Uncle Mikes 13 3.5%
Gunberg  1 0.3% Wilson 9 2.4%
 Hazel Gunleather 1 0.3%  X-Concealment 1 0.3%


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