From Texas, With Kitty: The Who's Who Of Sponsors

by Editor 29. June 2012 09:15
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From Texas, With Kitty: Cool Off With Comp-Tac

by Editor 29. June 2012 08:23
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Yesterday our own Kitty Richards, Bureau Chief for DOWN ZERO's Republic of Texas office, broke the news that Comp-Tac Victory Gear might be planning on offering air conditioning at the tomorrow's Texas State IDPA Championship. Well this morning Comp-Tac confirmed the news in a press release in today's The Shooting Wire.

In their announcement, Comp-Tac outlined both their sponsorship and the air-conditioned tent.

With temperatures on the range expected to approach 100 degrees, Comp-Tac is offering shooters an escape from the hot Texas sun and inviting them to stop by their fully air conditioned vendor tent. Not only will competitors be able to cool off, but the Comp-Tac tent will feature a full selection of holsters, magazine pouches, and belts available for purchase on-site.

Comp-Tac's Owner and President Gregg Garrett explained the decision to provide shooters this respite from the heat.

"At Comp-Tac we pride ourselves on our customer service and that's why when we found out how hot it was going to be this weekend during the match, we decided to provide everybody with a little Comp-Tac hospitality in the form of an air conditioned tent. We think it might end up being the most popular stage of the match," quipped Garrett.

"This is welcome news to many of the shooters and staff I've talked to here in Texas. I applaud Comp-Tac's decition, particularly since I plan to sit inside their tent for the majority of the match...for news gathering purposes only, of course," said Kitty.

Comp-Tac air-conditioned tent

Photo by Terry Burba

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From Texas, With Kitty: Texas State Stages 1-4

by Editor 28. June 2012 14:45
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Tapping into her underground network of snitches, malcontents, and ne'er-do-wells, DOWN ZERO's Kitty Richards got her hands on the stage diagrams for Saturday's Texas State IDPA Championship. And with the help of the Steel Railroad - a nationwide web of fellow Pittsburgh Steelers fans - our version of Mata Hari managed to smuggle out the first four of what we hope will be all 12 secret stage documents.


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From Texas, With Kitty: BREAKING NEWS ALERT Comp-Tac To Offer AC?

by Editor 27. June 2012 17:08
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This just in...

DOWN ZERO's Lone Start State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, reports that Houston-based holster manufacturer, Comp-Tac Victory Gear, is rumored to be hosting an air-conditioned tent at the Texas State IDPA Championship. With temperatures expected to close in on 100 degrees during the competition, the possibility of an air-conditioned refuge for shooters seeking to escape the brutal Texas heat is now a major topic of discussion.

My sources tell me that representatives from Comp-Tac, concerned about the impact triple-digit heat could have on the match, have been spotted at the local rent-all facility. Speculation is that this visit was a precursor to renting a portable air-conditioning unit. Several officials here at Collin County IDPA say that's a good indicator that Comp-Tac is indeed planning on having a fully air-conditioned tent.

While we have yet to confirm this rumor with Comp-Tac officials, who have been unavailable for comment, if true, this is huge news and I'm going on record right now and predicting big sales in the Comp-Tac vendor tent. - Kitty

Calls to Comp-Tac headquarters have not been returned, but sources close to the company say to expect an official announcement within the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned for additional news and announcements from the Texas State IDPA Championship.

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From Texas, With Kitty: Getting Ready For The Big Match

by Editor 25. June 2012 14:32
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If you're a Pittsburgh Steelers fan be advised, you have "troops behind enemy lines". That Steeltown gal you know as Kitty Richards has traveled down to the Republic of Texas to attend this weekend's Texas State IDPA Championship in Greenville, Texas. As DOWN ZERO's Lone Start State Bureau Chief, Kitty will be filing reports over the next couple days. Here's her first.

IDPA shooters all over Texas filled the ranges this past weekend as they prepared for the 2012 Texas State IDPA Championship. The Championship, featuring 12 stages and a 201 minimum round count, will be a match that, "Marksmen can finish and Masters will love", according to Match Director Cody Ray. The match has been sold out for over two and a half months with 210 shooters set to compete at the range in Greenville, outside of Dallas.

What draws these shooters to fill this match so quickly? According to Ray, "Folks will experience Texas-like temps of 99 degrees, the best SOs and staff in the business, Mike Cooper's finger-licking barbecue, and the finest match in Texas - and that really means in the world!" - Kitty

Kitty has promised additional updates, but as a Steelers fan hiding out in the shadow of Dallas - home to something called "America's Team" - we're not promising anything.

ABOVE: Saturday at the CrossTimbers IDPA in Alvarado, TX, Brian Ehrler shoots the side match Polish Plate Rack to practice transitions in preparations for this coming weekend's Texas State Championship.

BELOW: Phil Torres watches a shooter's use of cover during the Texas Tactical IDPA Match in Bulverde, TX on Sunday. Local shooters throughout the Lone Star State are getting in as much practice as possible leading up to the big match on Saturday.

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Carolina Cup: By The Numbers

by Editor 16. June 2012 16:41
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Here's a look at the 2012 Carolina Cup, by the numbers.

Carolina Cup awards ceremony

359 Total Competitors

213  Round Count

144  Stock Service Pistol Shooters 

96  Enhanced Service Pistol Shooters

67  Safety Officers and Staff

62  Custom Defensive Pistol Shooters

28  Women Competitors

24  States Represented, plus Puerto Rico

17  Stock Service Revolver Shooters

16  Stages

15  International Competitors

10  Enhanced Service Revolvers Shooters

5  Foreign Nations (Austria, Costa Rica, Finland, Italy and Venezuela)

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Carolina Cup: Interim Scores (Last Day)

by Editor 16. June 2012 15:40
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First, these scores are UNOFFICIAL and reflect the standings among competitors who have scores posted for all 16 stages. While not all the competitors' scores for all 16 stages are posted yet, and some squads are still on the range shooting, it doesn't appear that any shooter could overtake these division leaders. We stress that these scores (as of 3:45pm) remain UNOFFICIAL.

Bob Vogel

Custom Defensive Pistol

MA Gary Byerly 227.44

Enhanced Service Pistol

MA Brandon Wright 207.84

Stock Service Pistol

DM Bob Vogel 183.63

Enhanced Service Revolver

MA Toni Dandreamatteo 314.29

Stock Service Revolver

MA Gregg Kratochvil 247.93 (still out on the range, not a final score)

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Carolina Cup: Interim Scores (Day 2)

by Editor 15. June 2012 07:48
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Below are the division and classification leaders after day 2 at the Carolina Cup. The scores are UNOFFICIAL and reflect the standings among competitors who have scores for all 16 stages posted. These scores will change. 

Custom Defensive Pistol

MA Larry Hill 323.90

EX Ken Burgess 313.94

SS Peter Hagar 297.12

MM William Benbow 384.71

Enhanced Service Pistol

MA Brandon Wright 207.84

EX Russell Poole 233.81

SS Eli Colotta 316.98

MM Bill Giddings 376.28

Stock Service Pistol

MA Tom Yost 227.56

EX John Healy 310.63

SS Brian Abbott 331.42

MM Jose Gonalez 390.25

NO Ed Fitzgerald 490.91

Enhanced Service Revolver

MA Toni Dandreamatteo 314.29

EX Irvin Earles 389.65

SS Justin Lassiter 440.03

MM Jody Patterson 564.29

Stock Service Revolver

EX Will Williamson 392.62

SS Joe Broz 504.45 

MM Richard Von Furstenburg 465.94

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Carolina Cup: Stage Scenarios

by Editor 14. June 2012 22:35
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For those of you not attending the 2012 IDPA Carolina Cup, here's a rundown of the scenarios for each stage as provided in the match booklet.

Stage 1 - The Store

The convenience store business gets exciting sometimes. Start standing facing counter, loaded gun on shelf.

Stage 2 - The Stoplight

You are at an intersection waiting for the light to change when an attempted hijacking occurs. Start seated in vehicle, hands on wheel with loaded gun on seat beside you. 

Stage - Oops!

Start loaded and holstered standing with hands relaxed by your side facing downrange. Targets are arranged in three arrays of three each.

Stage 4 - Gas Stop Boogie

A gang of thugs gather around your van bent on your demise. Start loaded and holstered facing van, strong hand on gas nozzle.

Stage 5 - A Friendly Card Game

Your friendly card game gets interrupted by a gang come to rob everyone. Fight your way to the rear exit. Start loaded and holstered, seated on stool holding cards in both hands.

Stage 6 - In The Kitchen

You are cooking breakfast when you have to counter a home invasion. Start standing facing stove, strong hand on handle of frying pan. Gun and reloads are on kitchen table.

Stage 7 - Trouble at the Roach Coach

There is an attempted robbery of your lunch wagon. Start loaded and holstered, leaning on the edge of the counter with both hands.

Stage 8 - Fast then Slow II

No scenario provided.

Stage 9 - Dry Cleaners

You are at the ATM outside getting cash to pay the bill. While you are getting your cash you notice a lookout just as he sounds the alarm to his buddies who are robbing the cleaners. Start loaded and holstered standing at the ATM with strong hand on keys.

Stage 10 - Jefe in Trouble

Being the “Bossman” sometimes makes you a target and sometimes you have to handle stuff yourself. Start seated in near seat of van with loaded gun on seat beside you.

Stage 11 - Run off the Road

You have been run off the road during an attempted carjack. Start seated in vehicle, hands on wheel, loaded gun on seat, reloads in glove box.

Stage 12 - Johnny "Sacks"

While attending a funeral of a famed mobster, trouble erupts with a rival mob family. Star loaded and holstered.

Stage 13 - In the Woods and then it goes Bad

You are cutting trees that were damaged by a recent storm when you are attacked by looters. Start standing holding saw with both hands.

Stage 14 - Speed Drill III

No scenario provided.

Stage 15 - Suzanne's Bike Ride

Little Louie and his gang are at it again. This time terrorizing people biking in the park. He picked the wrong person today. Start kneeling beside bike checking the chain (both hands on chain).

Stage 16 - Saving Earl

You and your buddy. Earl are taking a shortcut through an alley, when three guys jump into the alley and shoot Earl. As you counter these threats and move to get Earl to safety three more bad guys appear in front of you. Start holstered and loaded, with 6 rounds only, standing.

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Carolina Cup: What To Expect

by Editor 14. June 2012 18:10
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DOWN ZERO spoke to Tom Yost, the captain of the Panteao Productions shooting team, to get his take on this year's Carolina Cup. Yost finished the match on Wednesday with an unofficial final time 227.56, and 24 points down, competing in the Stock Service Pistol division where he's classified as a Master.

Tom Yost

DZ: Now that you have shot the match, what's your take on the stages and the overall course of fire?
TY: This year's course of fire is a lot more difficult than it looks in the match booklet.

DZ: How so?
TY: With Frank Glover's [Match Director] stages, he gets you driving wide-open down the straightaway then forces you to downshift to get through a hairpin turn. This puts a lot of pressure on a shooter to switch from one extreme to another, and all on a single stage. When that happens, the disaster factor rockets up and gets a shooter out of their comfort zone real quick.

DZ: Is every stage like that, or are there some that are straight forward?
TY: No, not every stage. It was good to see a standards stage in the match, which a lot of shooters will feel comfortable shooting. But again, they have to be careful because it looks deceptively easy until you hit a no-shoot. In my squad I was one of only two shooters that didn't tag a no-shoot.

DZ: Where do you think this year's championship will be determined?
TY: I think that we're going to see the match come down to two of the stages. They are stage 2, The Stoplight, and stage 16, Saving Earl. Both are very challenging and one slipup on either of these stages could cost a shooter the title. This is where the match will likely be determined.

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