On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 7

by Editor 17. September 2012 20:00
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Sponsored by Cheaper Than Dirt! and designed by Frank Glover, stage 7 is called 'The Warehouse' and for good reason. Just like in a real warehouse where there are plenty of hiding places the bad guys on this stage will drop out of sight on you if you aren't fast. Thankfully though, you'll have the opportunity to pick-up two of them from another shooting position.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Ron Rhoden.

SCENARIO: You are working security at a warehouse when you confront thieves that have broken into the building.

PROCEDURE: Start at P1, loaded and holstered, facing visible targets with hand on gun. At signal, engage T1-T3 with 2 rounds each (T1-T2 will be visible later, T3 is disappearing). Then move to P2 and engage T4-T6 in tactical priority. T1–T2 will have their heads visible from here if you need to re-engage them.

SCORING: Vickers

STAGE SPONSOR: Cheaper Than Dirt!
PHONE: 800-421-8047
WEBSITE: www.CheaperThanDirt.com
TWITTER: @CheaperThanDirt
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/CheaperThanDirt


Next Stage Reveal Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 8:00pm ET

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On To Nationals: Campeonato Internacional

by Editor 17. September 2012 13:30
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While all eyes at the 2012 IDPA Nationals will probably be focused on Bob Vogel, America's best shooter who is working on an unbelievable win streak, one of the most interesting match-ups worth following will take place among the contingent of international shooters which accounts for just over 10% of all competitors.

With 37 shooters representing Austria, Costa Rica, Italy, Mexico, Romania, United Kingdom and Venezuela, as well as the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico, the race for the Campeonato Internacional - or International Championship - is the match within the match.

Here's who you need to keep an eye on...

Rodrigo Carvajal of Team Costa Rica
Rodrigo Carvajal, competing this year in ESP, finished 2nd SSP Master in this year's Costa Rican National Championship and took 1st CDP Expert at the IDPA European Cup. Well known among American shooters, Rodrigo will be pulling double-duty during the match, competing for Team Costa Rica and working the match as a CSO on stages 15 & 16. 

Juan Carlos Gonzalez of Team Venezuela
Juan Carlos Gonzalez, recognized for being a very accurate shooter, finished 5th ESP Master at the Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals. He'll again be competing head-to-head with the ESP shooters.

Nelso Lopez Iglesias of Team Venezuela
Nelso Lopez Iglesias finished 3rd SSP Master at the 2012 Costa Rican National Championship and took 1st SSP Master this year at the inaugural National Championship of Puerto Rico. Look for him to be in the thick of of among the SSP shooters in North Carolina.

Ricardo Zanotti of Team Venezuela
Ricardo Zanotti won ESP Expert at the Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals. A strong showing from Ricardo and you'll find him in contention for this year's High International honors.

David Bento of Team Venezuela
David Bento of Team Venezuela is the defending High International Champion having taken the title at last year's IDPA World Shoot. David won SSP Expert at the World Shoot with a time that would have placed him 4th among the Master class shooters. He also won the SSP division title at the National Championship of Puerto Rico. Simply put, this is his to loose.

Also worth noting is that both Costa Rica and Venezuela will have a junior shooter competing this year. While there is no Junior International title up for grabs, some friendly bragging rights are on the line when Gino Lanzoni, SSP Sharpshooter of Team Costa Rica, and Jorge Sleiman, Jr., ESP Sharpshooter of Team Venezuela, step foot on the range.

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On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 6

by Editor 16. September 2012 20:00
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All targets disappear. That's the first thing you need to know about this staged designed by Chris Roper and sponsored by Brownells. The second? It's all about choices, which is why this stage is called "What to Do?"

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Chris Roper.

SCENARIO: Sometimes there are too many choices. Or are there?

PROCEDURE: Start seated at desk with palms down on top where indicated. Gun is in one desk drawer downloaded to 6 rounds and reloads in another on opposite side. Step box is under desk at your feet.

At signal, engage T1-T4 with 2 rounds each. Left drawer activates right side target, right drawer activates left side target. Step box activates center 2 targets. ALL TARGETS DISAPPEAR. Handle it!

SCORING: Vickers

WEBSITE: www.Brownells.com
PHONE: 800-741-0015
TWITTER: @BrownellsInc
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/BrownellsInc


Next Stage Reveal Monday, Sept. 17 at 8:00pm ET

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On To Nationals: Lessons Learned

by Editor 16. September 2012 17:04
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If this will be your first time to the The Range in Oxford, N.C., then you might want to take note of some lessons learned. DOWN ZERO asked guest blogger Lee Bautista of When The Balloon Goes Up! to share some of his thoughts and observations. Pay close attention...especially to the part about walkthroughs.

Being in Oxford, N.C. for the 2012 IDPA National Championship will bring back some fond memories since the last time we were here for June's Carolina Cup. Going back, what are some lessons learned from shooting a major match, especially at this location?

Do Listen to the Walkthroughs:
On the stage in the shoot house, Ron was repeatedly getting called for cover for a target he was exposed to that he didn't even know was there; costing him thirteen seconds and a match bump. You can read more about his thoughts on his post, "My 1st Experience at a Major Match". Pro Tip: If allowed, take a look at the stage from deeper in the bay and take note of all the targets as you face up range.

Do Chronograph Your Ammo Beforehand:
It is highly likely that there will be an equipment check and chronograph. A member on our squad didn't make floor by 30fps. No, he wasn't cheating; rather an honest mistake on his part, however, rules are rules and this shooter learned a valuable lesson to chrono his ammo for future matches.

Do Be Aware of Personal Walkthroughs:
We are not allowed to sit on the chair or use props to check angles of the CoF during the walkthrough. In addition, we're not allowed to use low cover or go prone on stages that have shooting positions like this. Kneeling over to check angles is also bad. SO's will let you know quickly if they catch you doing this and may even issue a twenty second penalty for the infraction.

Do Recognize Muzzle Safe Points and Adapt:
Just to put it out there, "tight" muzzle safe points are not DQ traps. It's part of the course of fire that we all have to adhere to. What to do? Practice your reloads to ensure that your muzzle is pointed downrange by either orienting your body so that the muzzle is downrange away from the muzzle safe point or torquing your wrist a bit to accomplish the same result. Again, practice this in dry fire so that it will be second nature when you get to the match.

Do Be Aware of the Backstop When Re-Engaging Targets:
There can be issues when a shooter transitions from one position to another position (in this case, prone or kneeling). Re-engaging a previous taller target from the new low cover or prone position can send a round over the berm. Ask, if you’re unsure about what targets can be re-engaged.

Do Have a Great Match:
The folks at The Range are top notch range staff and volunteers who excel greatly at running challenging stage designs with safety in mind. If you haven't had the chance to shoot at The Range, you're in for a treat.

Do Smile for the Camera:
There will be plenty of photographers capturing moments for various media outlets and sponsors. Be yourself and have fun!

About the Author: Lee Bautista has been shooting since April 2009 and is a writer at When The Balloon Goes Up! Blog. The 2012 IDPA Nationals will be his eighteenth major match.

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On To Nationals: Preview of Stage 4

by Editor 15. September 2012 20:00
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Designed by our good friends from IDPA Philippines, many of you will recognize this stage, called Room 469, from the 2011 IDPA World Shoot. This stage is sponsored by Comp-Tac Victory Gear and is all about what goes wrong back at the hotel after the match. Let's hope for those of you competing in the 2012 National Championships this is all about what goes right.

CSO: Your CSO for this stage will be Cindy Bowser.

SCENARIO: You are just returning to the hotel after the match when you hear an odd noise from the room next to yours. You notice the door ajar and as you start to push it open you hear a slide being racked behind the door, but it’s too late to stop.

PROCEDURE: Start loaded and holstered standing at P1 with strong hand on the X. At signal push door open and engage T1-T3. Move to your room and engage T4-T6. Move to adjoining room and engage T7-T8. All targets receive a minimum of 2 rounds each.

SCORING: Vickers

STAGE SPONSOR: Comp-Tac Victory Gear
WEBSITE: www.Comp-Tac.com
FACEBOOK: facebook.com/CompTac


Next Stage Reveal Sunday, Sept. 16 at 8:00pm ET

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On To Nationals: Still No "I" In Team

by Editor 12. September 2012 09:06
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After hours of research, we are still unable to find an "I" in team, but we do know which teams will be at the 2012 IDPA National Championships.  Here's a look at those competing on behalf of their sponsor(s)...and one team that's definitely questionable. Let us know if we are missing anybody shooting for a particular sponsor.

Team 10-8 Performance
Mike Alexander

Team Amendment 2 Gear
Mike Seymour

Team Armadillo
Blair Duroy
Ray Duroy
Raymond Duroy
Ricky Gilbert
Becky Sells
Darrell Sells (Capt)
Boone Smith

Black Bullets Intl.
Brian Stricker

Team Comp-Tac
Gordon Carrell
Gregg Garrett (Capt)
Randi Rogers

Matt Mink

Tori Nonaka

Team ITI
Brandon Wright
Gary Byerly

Team Panteao
Massad Ayoob
Dave Harrington
Bob Vogel
Tom Yost (Capt)

Team Para USA
Lee Wills

Team RangeLog
Morgan Allan
Toni Dandreamatteo
Ken Lambert
Ravin Perry
Rob Tate
Jesse Wills
Lee Wills

Team Safariland
Tierani Hendrix
Bobby McGee
Bob Vogel

Team Smith & Wesson
Jerry Miculek
David Olhasso

And then there's this so-called team...

Team Bubba
Terry 'Bubba' Burba (Capt)
Kitty Richards
Phil Torres
Iron Mike Webb
Michael Williams
Joyce Wilson (Coach, Not Competing)



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On To Nationals: USA vs. The World

by Editor 10. September 2012 10:40
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At the 2012 Nationals, these are the folks that put the 'International' in IDPA... Editor's Note: While we understand full well that Joanna Lenczewska is living here in the U.S., out of respect for our good friends at IDPA Poland we recognize her as the official standard bearer by proxy for Team Polska.

Team Austria
Hans Silbitzer







Team Costa Rica
Laura Brancacci
Rodrigo Carvajal
Gino Lanzoni
George Malick
Alberto Soto





Team Italy
Federico Iannelli







Team Mexico
Fausto Gerard







Team Poland
Joanna Lenczewska







Team Puerto Rico
Alberto De Leon
Jose Ortiz
Jose L. Rivera
Maximino Rivera





Team Romania
Cornel (Ose) Osenschi
Dani Foreman






Team United Kingdom
Brian Chilcott
Mike Lawes






Team Venezuela
Vrikson Acosta
David Bento
Jose A. Berroteran
Juan Cheng
Alberto Cini
Edgar Coronado
Angelo Fiorilli Gutierrez
Rafahel Gandica
Juan Carlos Gonzalez V.
Carlos Henao
Ping Ho
Nelso Lopez Iglesias
Aristoteles Mejia
Marvin Rosal
Enrique Adres Rouff Gaiser
Roberto Saputo
Jorge Sleiman
Jorge Sleiman, Jr.
Marco Vega
Gabriel Velandia
Ricardo Zanotti

Team America
Bob Vogel (enough said)







Team Republic of Texas
Terry 'Bubba' Burba
Gordon Carrell
Blair Duroy
Ray Duroy
Raymond Duroy
Jean Fuentes
Gregg Garrett
Ricky Gilbert
Rebecca Harvey
Duane Hemphill
Chris Jones
Gregg Kratochvil
Randi Rogers
Adam Ruef
Becky Sells
Darrell Sells
Gene Simmons
Boone Smith
Brian Stricker
Jim Tackett
Phil Torres
Jim Winter
The Texas Rangers (the one riot kind)
The Dallas Cowboys
City of Austin (including the weird parts)
Anybody with a pickup truck
Everybody that remembers the Alamo

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New York, New Kitty: Empire State Winners

by Editor 9. September 2012 19:01
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This just in...

Our Empire State State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, reports that the results are in from this weekend's New York State IDPA Championship. Here's a look at the 2012 title winners.

CDP Champion: Craig Buckland
ESP Champion: AJ Stewart
SSP Champion: Keith Bourgeois
ESR Champion: Toni Dandreamatteo
SSR Champion: Kenneth Ortbach

High Lady: Joanna Lenczewska
High Junior: Tori Coutant
Most Accurate: Jeff Jackling

Be sure to check IDPA.com for the full results once they are uploaded.

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New York, New Kitty: Empire State Battle In The Rain

by Editor 8. September 2012 17:35
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DOWN ZERO's Empire State State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, filed this report from her rain-soaked field office at the Pine City Sportsmen's Club in Pine City (Elmira area), New York where she's covering the hotly contested 2012 New York State IDPA Championship.

And before you ask, yes, Kitty will be dressed like the Statue of Liberty throughout the match. However, instead of calling her "Lady Liberty" she insists everybody call her "Lady IDPA." Honestly, we can't explain it but here's her report from earlier today...

As rain covers the Chemung County area, a hailstorm of CDP shooters take to the range for an IDPA throw-down. Four Masters are competing for the top spot, including Rochester's Jeff Jackling, Pennsylvania's Scott Shalter, Andy Stasko from Owego, NY, and Craig Buckland from Mass.

High Lady may be a mud fight to the finish. New York's Toni Dragotta. an LEO from Horseheads, NY, will look to block The Polish Pistolera, Joanna Lenczewska, for that honor. Dragotta shot on Friday while Lenczewska, from Hellertown, PA, shoots on Sunday. - Kitty

We're expecting further updates, unless of course Kitty's been called into service to help build the ark.

Below: Craig Buckland gathers his chi before jumping into the CDP battle. Photo courtesy Lady IDPA.

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On To Nationals: In Defense Of The Title

by Editor 6. September 2012 10:30
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Winning a title at the 2012 IDPA National Championships isn't going to be any easier than last year, when the Nationals were replaced by IDPA's inaugural World Shoot, because all but three of the champions are returning to defend their titles. Here is the list of the 2011 winners. Not returning this year are Jordan Hall, Junior Champion; Daniel Messulam, Military Champion; and James Meyers, the World Shoot's Most Accurate shooter.

      2011 Champions

      CDP Champion:  Glenn Shelby    Dist. Master 299.48 (46)
      ESP Champion:   James McGinty    Master 283.31 (70)
      SSP Champion:   Robert Vogel    Dist. Master 248.29 (30)
      ESR Champion:   Jerry Miculek    Dist. Master 411.79(110)
      SSR Champion:   Craig Buckland    Dist. Master 426.90 (68)

      High Senior:  Tom Yost    SSP - Master 335.89 (72)
      High Lady:   Tierani Hendrix    SSP - Expert 460.41(138)
      High Law Enforcement:  Robert Vogel    SSP - Dist. Master 248.29 (30)
      High Press:  Caleb Giddings    ESP - Master 380.67(117)
      High Industry:  James McGinty    ESP - Master 283.31 (70)
      High International:  David Bento    SSP - Expert 329.02 (75)
      High Junior:  Jordan Hall    SSP - Expert 436.82(120)
      High Military:  Daniel Messulam    ESP - Expert 360.46 (75)
      High Military Veteran:  Rob Tate    SSP - Master 337.72(123)
      High Distinguished Senior:   Lin Edwards    SSP - Expert 438.63 (97)
      Most Accurate:   James Meyers    SSP - Master 318.31 (22)

To give you an idea of what everybody is up against, here's the breakdown of competitors by Division, Classification, and Category.

Shooters by Division and Classification
CDP 70 3 11 21 26 9
ESP 141 3 24 40 44 30
SSP 114 1 27 28 40 18
ESR 13 1 1 3 7 1
SSR 18 1 5 6 5 1
356 9 68 98 122 59


Shooters by Sub-Category
Senior 106
Distinguished Senior 14
Junior 6
Lady 33
Military 1
Military Veteran 24
Law Enforcement 18
Industry 17
International 30
Press 6


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