Mark Your Calendars As IDPA Nationals Return To Tulsa

by Editor 23. December 2012 17:03
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IDPA announced that the U.S. Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma will host the 2013 and 2014 IDPA National Championships.

The 2013 match will take place September 19 thru 21, while the 2014 match is scheduled for September 17 thru 20.

The U.S. Shooting Academy is one of the best shooting ranges in the country with giant grass-covered shooting bays and a spacious clubhouse complete with pro-shop.

IDPA announced the 2013 and 2014 dates in an email blast to members on Friday. Complete match registration details will be announced early next year.

...So mark your calendars.

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Results From The Music City Cup II

by Editor 5. November 2012 11:04
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The results are in from Tennessee's biggest IDPA competition, the Music City Cup. The match was held this Saturday, with SOs competing on Friday, in Dickson, Tenn. on the host ranges of the Music City Tactical Shooters. You can find the full results online.

CDP Division
Division Champion – Chandler LaFrain
1st Place Master – Alex Stephenson
2nd Place Master – Scott Hammond
1st Place Expert – Rick Kyle
2nd Place Expert – Bill Dukemineer
3rd Place Expert – Michael Foster
1st Place Sharpshooter – Ryan Pytlewski
2nd Place Sharpshooter – Jimmy Duke
1st Place Marksman – Daniel Meadows
2nd Place Marksman – Rick Kruppa

ESP Division
Division Champion – A.C. Nohsey
1st Place Master – Ryan Spencer
1st Place Expert – Matthew Sirmans
2nd Place Expert – David Horn
3rd Place Expert – Michael Barrera
1st Place Sharpshooter – Ed Chase Jr.
2nd Place Sharpshooter – Will Foster
3rd Place Sharpshooter – Angelito Juliano
4th Place Sharpshooter – John Taylor
5th Place Sharpshooter – Ron Corville
1st Place Marksman – Craig Burlette
2nd Place Marksman – Steve Sticklin
3rd Place Marksman – Amy Spencer
4th Place Marksman – Andy Kwon

SSP Division
Division Champion – James Loxton
1st Place Master – Scott Butler
2nd Place Master – Rickey Brooks
1st Place Expert – Ken Park
2nd Place Expert – Kemp Evans
3rd Place Expert – Greg Cook
1st Place Sharpshooter – Michael Wilkewitz
2nd Place Sharpshooter – Dan Stuart
3rd Place Sharpshooter – Casey Retterer
4th Place Sharpshooter – Trey Chase
5th Place Sharpshooter – Michael Berryhill
6th Place Sharpshooter – Martin Milliken
7th Place Sharpshooter – Paul Archer
8th Place Sharpshooter – Mike West
9th Place Sharpshooter – Carl Szczepanski
1st Place Marksman – GW Austin
2nd Place Marksman – Brian Ferguson
3rd Place Marksman – Reid Ormseth
4th Place Marksman – Shane Gannon
1st Place Novice – Michelle Nohsey

ESR Division
Division Champion – Stanley Hodgin
1st Place Sharpshooter – Jeff Stone

SSR Division
Division Champion – Rickey Brazle

High Senior: Michael Cusanelli ESP - Master 309.43 (69)
High Lady: Norma Judith Legados ESP - Master 314.06(116)
High Law Enforcement: James S. Loxton SSP - Master 297.27 (92)
High Junior: Trey Chase SSP - Sharpshooter 414.79(153)
High Military: Jeff Myers SSP - Master 312.33(122)
High Distinguished Senior: Dale Spikes SSP - Marksman 529.90(128)
Most Accurate: Ken Park SSP - Expert 306.43 (60)

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Registration Procedure Announced For 2013 Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals

by Editor 4. November 2012 16:49
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The Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship is one of the most popular shooting matches in the country, selling out last year in a matter of just minutes. This weekend the early registration process was announced for the 2013 championship match. Online registration based on priority points will begin at 8:00am EST and continue throughout the day on Saturday, December 8. General registration will open at 4:00pm EST that same day.


The following is the announcement that was distributed via email this weekend:

2013 Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship
February 21-23, 2013


As a shooter in at least one of the last 4 years, you are entitled to register early. General registration opens at 4:00pm EST on December 8, 2012.

Priority registration opens on December 8, 2012 as follows:

4 year priority 8:00am
3 year priority 10:00am
2 year priority 12:00Noon
1 year priority 2:00pm

You are already in the database. You can check your priority, and therefore, your registration time at (please contact me if there are any errors or questions).

You can go to at any time to complete your personal info, class, division etc. You enter your IDPA member number EXACTLY as it is listed on the priority list, on the left side of the page. Enter the password “2013match” (without the “) (you should change the password to keep others from changing your data). Complete or correct any info there and click the save “shooter button”.

At any time AFTER your priority registration time begins, you can log back in, click on the “My Squad” link and put yourself into a squad. It is critically important that you exit the program by clicking on the “return to shooter home” link, then exiting the program. Otherwise your squad choice will not be saved and you will lose your slot in the match.

If you keep the squad page open, it may appear that there are slots open when they have been filled. This is because your data does not save until you exit the record. This match fills within minutes; you could lose your slot by not choosing quickly, then exiting the program. You can monitor the squads with this link.

The squad info is date and time stamped. If you choose your squad before your priority time, you will be deleted from the squad (without notice) and may choose from any remaining slots (if available).

You should then IMMEDIATELY mail a check in the amount of $150.00 USD, payable to S&W Indoor National to:

Mike Critser
21 Williams Road
Trumbull, CT 06611

When I receive your check, you will see a “paid” next to your name in the squad list. If I do not receive your check within 14 days, you will be deleted from the match without notice.

Mike Critser

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IDPA Insights: Carolina Cup Eyes and Ears

by Editor 25. October 2012 07:00
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When it comes to eye and ear protection, the preferences of IDPA members shooting the 2012 Carolina Cup are wide ranging. The rather nondescript category of 'Other' leads with 30.4% of eye protection, made up of a variety of brands with minimal representation or just random eyewear deemed protective enough for use on the range. Among the major brands, Rudy Project (17.6%) edged out Oakley (16.7%), followed by ESS (13.7%). Prescription glasses account for 11.8%, presenting ample opportunity for eyewear makers to expand their presence with RX versions of their shooting glasses.  

When it comes to hearing protection the distribution by brand among Carolina Cup shooters was much more even. Peltor (24.5%) led with EAR Inc. (17.0%) and Howard Leight (12.3%) trailing. Unfortunately, survey responses did not clarify if the hearing protection in question was electronic or not. Nor did they provide for a more exact assessment of what percentage was of the molded in-ear style of hearing protection.

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IDPA Insights: Glock, S&W Rule On and Off the Range

by Editor 24. October 2012 09:15
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At the inaugural IDPA World Shoot in 2011 results from the equipment survey showed that together Glock (37%) and Smith & Wesson (30%) combined for 67% of the handguns used in the competition. That position of dominance hasn't changed with the two again combining for the overwhelming majority of the handguns at the 2012 Carolina Cup. 

Results from equipment surveys returned by 126 of the 324 shooters showed that 70.6% of the competitors chose either a Glock (35.7%) or a Smith & Wesson (34.9%). The most popular model by far was the Glock 34 which accounted for 51.5% of all the Glocks used in the match. With another 26.7% going to the Glock 17, the two models approach 80% of Glocks used in the match.

For Smith & Wesson which makes a model of firearm for each of IDPA's five divisions, variants of the M&P accounted for 68% of the S&W handguns used. Revolvers – where S&W is the undisputed King of Kings – wheelgunners accounted for 27.3% of S&W's total.

The use of Glocks and Smith & Wesson's M&P fuels the dominance of the striker-fired pistol, at least at the IDPA's Carolina Cup but presumably across the other major IDPA events. Between striker-fired handguns and the 1911 platforms (including the double-stack variants), little room is left for the DA/SA (or DAO) hammer-style pistol which pulled just 5.6% of the pistols at the match.

Included in this equipment survey was a request for information regarding CCW habits. Of those that responded, 92.9% of IDPA shooters competing in the 2012 Carolina Cup have a CCW. As for their preference in a carry gun, the results follow closely their preferences in a competition gun. Glock (31.8%) and Smith & Wesson (23.6%) combined for 55.4% of the CCW handguns. As one would expect, models and brands not found on the competition range – such as Kahr and Ruger – find their way into the CCW profile of the IDPA shooter, reflecting those brands' strong performance in the CCW consumer market. Please note that the survey asked for the competitor's primary CCW handgun and not a list of all the makes and models they carry.

Since IDPA is a sport based on personal defense scenarios, it is difficult to determine to what extent the CCW gun influences the choice of competition gun, or if it's the competition gun driving the CCW firearm choice. It's likely that competition is ultimately the key influencer since it provides the opportunity to build proficiency and thus reaffirming the CCW holders choice in a carry gun.

Regardless, the breakdown in CCW firearm type mirrors that of the competition choice with striker-fired models and 1911 variants the clear preferred choices.

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IDPA Insights: It's Comp-Tac for Competition & CCW

by Editor 23. October 2012 09:15
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Similar to firearms brands used by IDPA competitors – at least at the major matches – the choice of holster comes down to two main players: Blade-Tech and Comp-Tac Victory Gear. This was true at the 2011 IDPA World Shoot where Blade-Tech had 31.7% of the competitors to Comp-Tac's 30.4%. The numbers from the 2012 Carolina Cup were almost the same but with Comp-Tac taking the lead with 30.3% to Blade-Tech's 29.5%.

Below is the breakout of the top holster brands at the Carolina Cup. The numbers are based on the equipment survey. Please note that while we had just 122 respondents (37.6%) out of of 324 competitors, the numbers do reflect those from the World Shoot.  

In addition to tracking preferences in competition gear, the equipment survey for the 2012 Carolina Cup also asked about preferences in CCW gear. Of those that responded, 92.9% hold a CCW with 7.1% either responding "no" or not answering the question. The high percentage of IDPA competitors holding a CCW clearly reflects the sport's foundation in real world defensive style shooting.

When it comes to the preferred brands of holsters used by competitors for their primary carry gun, the list was much broader than that for competition. Unfortunately a large number (17.9%) declined to name a brand, so the true breakdown is difficult to tell with certainty. However, Comp-Tac Victory Gear once again emerges as the top choice with over one fifth choosing holsters from the Houston-based maker. 

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IDPA Insights: 67% Handloaded for 2012 Carolina Cup

by Editor 22. October 2012 10:00
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During the 2012 Carolina Cup IDPA asked competitors to fill out an equipment survey in order to collect additional data following up on the survey conducted during the 2011 IDPA World Shoot. While we have completed surveys from only 126 (38.8%) of the 324 shooters, the data collected does provide some interesting insights, especially when compared to the information from the 2011 World Shoot.

Ammunition is one of those areas where there was a significant change. Whether because of a smaller survey sample, issues with availability, or cost, the percentage of shooters handloading jumped from 53% at the World Shoot to 67.2% at the Carolina Cup.

Though the percentage of respondents shooting factory loads declined from 47% to 32.8%, IDPA added an ammo brand question to find out what factory loads competitors were shooting. Not surprisingly Federal (22.5%) and Winchester (20.0%) led the pack, and along with Atlanta Arms & Ammo (12.5%) accounted for over half of the factory ammo used during the Carolina Cup.

For those loading their own match ammo, Hodgdon once again held the lion share with 58% compared to 48% for the World Shoot. Winchester moved ahead of Vihtavuori as the second most popular brand of powder with 19.8%.

When it comes to primers, the numbers skew down for Federal and CCI due to the nearly 30% of the respondents failing to indicate which brand of primer they used. Interestingly, Winchester held firm with 24.7% of Carolina Cup reloads compared to 25% at the World Shoot.

The story on brass is the increase in the number of shooters opting to mix the brands they use instead of committing to just one. At the World Shoot "mixed" brass accounted for 53% while at the Carolina Cup it's up to almost 80%.

Jacketed bullets were the preferred bullet type with just over half those reloading choosing jacketed over plated (28.4%) or lead (21.0%). 

The number of bullet brands was down significantly at the Carolina Cup with competitors loading 16 different brands compared to 44 at the World Shoot. This may yet again be a reflection of the fewer completed surveys. However, Montana Gold Bullet once again proved the dominant brand with almost a third shooting their bullet. Berry's finished as the second most popular bullet, just as they did at the World Shoot, while Precision Delta finished third.

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From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: The Results

by Editor 21. October 2012 16:22
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Well it's all over but for the crying... Thanks to Kitty Richards we have the early results from the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. And a couple more photos, like this action shot (right) of Ron Singer, stats guys for the match, taking it easy. When a match runs this smooth the awards ceremony takes care of itself. 

CDP Champion - Craig Buckland
ESP Champion - AJ Stuart
SSP Champion - Andy Arnal
SSR Champion - Casey Dudek
ESR Champion - Kirk Crego
High Lady - Sharon Burwell
High Senior - Brad Bends
High LEO - Burt Dopirak
High Industry - AJ Stuart
High Junior - John Curtis III
High Military Veteran - Doug Bryant
High Dist. Senior - Dan Smith
Most Accurate - David Woodbridge (7)

ABOVE: High Lady Sharon Burwell takes on stage 3 at the Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship.

BELOW: Match Director Corey Murphy with David Woodbridge who was the match's most accurate shooter with just 7 points down.

ABOVE: Match Director Corey Murphy with Dave Bair who took Marksman honors in Stock Service Pistol.

BELOW: And finally, the people that made it all happen. The Safety Officers and Staff of the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. 

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From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: Every Day Is A Hollidaysburg

by Editor 20. October 2012 13:48
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Earlier today IDPA's Keystone State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, sent in a couple more pics from the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. Kitty's been working undercover as a Safety Officer to get the inside story, so with any luck we'll have some more to report. 

ABOVE: Up and coming Junior Shotter Zach Matish shoots the PA State Match in Hollidaysburg.

BELOW: SO Bobby Heargraves shoots under the direction of Scott Bourgeois.

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From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: SOs Load And Make Ready

by Editor 19. October 2012 13:30
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The hardest working correspondent in the shooting sports is back, as IDPA's own Keystone State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, reports from the "Battle of Hollidaysburg", or what the rest of us call the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship.

The mist settles over the multicolor fall foliage in Hollidaysburg as Safety Officers prepare to shoot the state championship. They gather for the shooters meeting with first shots fired scheduled for 10:00am. - Kitty 

We expect more reports from Kitty as we assume she'll be 'waxing poetic' throughout the match...and perhaps there will be news of a better camera phone too (hint, hint).


ABOVE: SO Frank Koo shoots stage 6 earlier this morning. Shooting was suspended for 20 minutes as a hunter was identified shooting on range property. He was promptly escorted off the property and the match got back underway.

BELOW: We have no words, but clearly Kitty's right in the middle of the action. By-the-way, nice boots Kitty. What did you do, order them from the LL Bean Tactical Catalog?

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