5x5 Classifier update

by Administrator 9. February 2018 08:39
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The functionality to upload 5x5 scores for Novice is now available and can be used immediately.


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Updates to the 5x5 Classifier posted

by Administrator 7. February 2018 15:04
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Updates to the 5x5 Classifier can be found at the link below.

Although the drill has not changed, it now includes information regarding a concealment garment, target height and scoring to include NV classification.  


Please note that our technology vendor is working on the capability to upload scores that are at the Novice level.   We will announce it via the official IDPA website and Facebook page when that capability is available.



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CO Provisional Rules

by Administrator 7. February 2018 15:02
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CO Provisional Rules are now posted on the IDPA website.  The provisional rules can be viewed at http://members.idpa.com/Content/Rules/a3nozfcz.rcs.pdf.

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2018 IDPA National Championship SO and Staff Entry Form Onlin

by Administrator 6. February 2018 08:39
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IDPA has uploaded the Safety Officer and Staff Entry Forms online today. We are looking for dedicated staff to help run this years National Championship. 

The 2018 IDPA US National Championship is scheduled for September 13th-15th, 2018 at the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Talladega Marksmanship Park in Talladega, AL. This match will draw over 300 top competitors from all over the US as well as several countries from around the world. This is a great facility and we are excited to see you there.

Staff SOing the match must be certified safety officers but there are a number of non-SO positions that are available as well. If you are not a certified SO, don’t let that stop you from submitting your application. 

Working the match is a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. Staff will have the option of shooting the event on a split day format, Tuesday and Wednesday, or completing it all in one day on Wednesday. Staff will not pay the match entry fee. If you live more than 40 minutes from the range, IDPA will provide lodging (sharing a room with one other staff person). Those staff that choose to travel from home every day will receive a $150 reimbursement for gas.  

The entry form may be found by CLICKING HERE or by going to the Nationals event page at www.idpa.com.

We look forward to seeing you at Talladega!

Please send this SO application in as soon as possible. This form must be returned by Feb. 27th to be considered. SO selection will take place on week of March 12th. 

MAIL ENTRIES TO: IDPA CHAMPIONSHIP, 2232 CR 719, Berryville, AR 72616 or email them to robert@idpa.com. You may also fax them to 870-545-3894.



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New matches added to the 2018 calendar

by Administrator 31. January 2018 15:01
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There are now 30+ Tier 2 and up matches listed on the IDPA calendar!  You can view the link below to find more out about the matches and registration details.  Keep a look out for more matches as we continue to add them to the calendar. 



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Important Classifier Information

by Administrator 18. January 2018 16:13
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5X5 Classifier


A new 5X5 classifier will be posted on the official IDPA website.  Information describing the purpose of this classifier will be included.  Although you may begin using that classifier, the ability to upload the results are not yet ready.  You will receive official notice from HQ when that functionality is in place. 


Uploading match scores

We have had questions regarding the uploading of match score for both PCC and the new 5x5 classifier.  Please be advised that our IT vendor is working on this and when it is available, which should be very soon, you will receive notice from IDPA HQ. 

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No penalty for not moving on a stage

by Administrator 18. January 2018 12:20
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From Executive Director Joyce Wilson:

“There has been much discussion recently on the definition of movement and its purpose or place in IDPA.  At the time the Founders developed the sport, it was fairly common among defensive shooting instructors to teach shooting while moving.  They felt it was an important skill and most taught that you should be moving off line from your aggressor as you returned fire.


As time progressed and legalities ensued, we’ve found that shooting on the move is not as readily taught among instructors today.  And with the shooter being ultimately responsible for every shot that is fired, they must know their own skill level to accomplish this task in a real-world situation.  While IDPA is not ‘real world’, we strive to maintain principles and training that support sound practices that may be needed ‘in the real world’.  As one well known trainer and our Executive Director were recently discussing, if you think you need to move to another position, then you should probably be moving as fast as you possibly can to present less of a target to your adversary.


In IDPA scenarios, shooters can explore their own skill levels without the dangers involved with a real gunfight.  They can choose which targets in the scenario they feel comfortable shooting on the move or shooting from a static position.  I feel that course of fire design should encourage shooting on the move but not require it per se.  A good course of fire will give shooters of different skill levels different options.  A marksman may choose to move to a position and shoot the first target then move to the second position to shoot the second target while a master class shooter may just continue moving while shooting each target.  This way the shooter determines their own comfort level and their own time, therefore their own score.  With the new scoring of 1 second per point, I feel this is even more important to encouraging accuracy.  Judicious use of non-threat targets in these scenarios makes the situation even more realistic, as in a real-life situation a shooter mostly will stop to make a more precise shot if there are civilians around.


Effective immediately, we will discontinue giving procedural penalties for movement.  We will, in the very near future, develop more course of fire recommendations to encourage movement but make it the option of the shooter as to how much moving they do while shooting.  As always, we want to continue to improve IDPA and make it a fun, enjoyable experience for shooters of all skill levels. This information will be included in an updated version of the MD/CSO Guide on www.idpa.com.” 

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IDPA addresses concerns about IDPA.tech website

by Administrator 18. January 2018 11:44
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IDPA would like to address some confusion regarding the IDPA.tech website. IDPA.tech was designed as a test site for IDPA rules, notifications and continuing education. Items found there are subject to change and may or may not become rules, clarifications or official communications. Nothing found at IDPA.tech should be viewed as official. The inclusion of the IDPA.tech website on the rule book update in the last Tactical Brief was in error and we regret any confusion it may have caused. 

There will be official announcements on a number of items, including Carry Optics, in the near future. We appreciate your patience until that time. Per our prior notifications to the membership, all official rules and communications will only be found only on the IDPA.com website and distributed by the IDPA electronic weekly newsletter, Tactical Brief, and on the only official IDPA facebook page, www.facebook.com/ShootIDPA/ 

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Jeff Duckworth retires as IL AC

by Administrator 18. January 2018 11:43
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Joe Tyson has accepted the role of Area Coordinator for the state of IL

by Administrator 18. January 2018 11:42
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More information can be found at:


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