Area Coordinator Changes in the US Southeast

by Administrator 23. May 2018 12:47
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Chad Barber, Area Coordinator for AL/GA, has resigned as AC for his area. A fixture in the IDPA world, Barber is also the Match Director for the 2018 IDPA National Championship. He explains how he came to our sport. “I was first introduced to IDPA in 2000. It was a natural extension of my duties as a law enforcement and firearms instructor to further my skills with scenario-based courses of fire. Our move to the New England region in 2008 exposed me to sanctioned matches and opportunities to participate as a Chief Safety Officer and course designer in higher tiered matches. My time working the Indoor national championships was invaluable in my development both as competitor and a staff member. I can honestly say I would not be where I'm headed today without this experience.” 

Barber has been an AC for 2 and 1/2 years, starting in the fall 2015 when he transferred to Southern Georgia. “However, I recently retired from the US Coast Guard in October of 2017 and my future is taking me elsewhere, as Angie and I are transitioning to civilian employment”.

When asked about his successes as an AC he enthusiastically responded, “Mentoring a club to host a sanctioned match on their one year anniversary of being an official IDPA Club. They are growing and have just held their second annual event. Additionally, networking with all the club contacts and SOI's adding nearly 75 SO's to the GA/AL region. I just wish I had more time to really get to know more of the people here in the south. They were very welcoming and truly enjoy their shooting sport.

What plans does he have after he transitions his duties to the incoming AC? “I'm honored to have been offered a position at the SIG SAUER Academy. This will also allow me to fulfill my role as the MD of the 2018 IDPA National Championships. I'll continue working with the outstanding team; Nicky and Dede Carter and Seth Hayden, who all have the same vision, dedication and passion necessary to provide our sport with a high level challenging championship event. As a team we've been working on this project for over eight months. We're all very excited to be a part of it.”

 As always, Barber’s thoughts as he leaves are full of concern for others. “God bless you all and I hope to see you on the range soon whether you are at an IDPA match or possibly taking a course at the SIG SAUER Academy.”
Florida Area Coordinator Rick Lund has been tapped as the new AC for AL, GA and FL. Having worked matches for more than 10 years, this is Lund’s 4tyear as an AC. 

What attracted this shooter to IDPA initially? “I was traveling overseas frequently for the government and wanted to maintain and improve my gun handling. I was originally attracted to the emphasis on self-defense. I think that has been the reason most shooters start out in IDPA before we got hooked on the sport itself.” 

Contemplating the successes in FL and goals for AL & GA, he says, “One of the contributions I have offered the clubs in Florida is to provide much of the background or the history on how we got to where we are today over the years. That has been helpful for MD's to understand what our best practices are. I will hope to bring that perspective to Georgia and Alabama. I have felt for some time that there is tremendous potential to create a strong Southeast Regional IDPA match. I would love to see a larger collaboration of the three states as a single region.” 

Lund lists a few of the most significant changes in the sport with which he was happy to participate. “Simplifying the rulebook for shooters. Having the opportunity to spend time with Bill Wilson was a tremendous help for us to understand how the values of IDPA had morphed over 15 years into an overly complicated sport. I am also happy with the way the 5x5 classifier has worked out for clubs and our members.” 

When asked what would surprise people to know about him, the AC says, “ I am dangerous with the manly arts of both a BBQ smoker an d pyrotechnics. I mostly retired from the latter to stay off lists.”

What else would Rick like his new constituents to know about him? “I hope to see IDPA strengthen and continue to improve its value to the nation of gun owners from around the world t hat enjoy the sport as a way to maintain their shooting skills.” 



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Registration for the 2018 IDPA National Championship is open!

by Administrator 16. May 2018 15:58
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To view the application visit the link here.

If you would like to find out more information about the 2018 IDPA National Championship click here.

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Are you attending the NRAAM?

by Administrator 23. April 2018 10:56
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Come visit us at booth #7253 on May 4-6.

To find out more about the NRAAM click here.


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The Inaugural New Mexico IDPA Blue Line Pro Am

by Administrator 13. April 2018 15:57
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In response to increasing negative publicity and public opinion, we, the New Mexico Shooting Community wanted to stage a public event that showed solidarity and support for the citizens that are also defenders of the public at large.  The Inaugural New Mexico IDPA Blue Line Pro Am will be a benefit match that will allow civilians a chance to let our officers and soldiers know that we have their back, while participating in a sport we all love.

This core purpose of this match will be to further community relations, and display community support for our Military and Law Enforcement Agencies.   In addition all match proceeds will be donated to two local NM charities.  One that benefits Law Enforcement, and one that benefits Military.

We have obtained special permission to have a Pro Am, team component to the match.  Each competitor will shoot for an individual score, but will also have to option to participate in a two man team, one "pro" and one amateur.  We are identifying a pro as a member of military or law enforcement, active or retired, or a Master Class shooter.  Additional awards will be given for team performance. You do not have to participate in the Pro Am to participate in the match.
The match will consist of 12 stages.  Eight of the stages will be scenario based, two will be short drill stages that are based of LE Agency drills, and two will be standards. This match will be Tier 3.
The match will be conducted on a Friday and Saturday, one day format for shooters at Del Norte Gun Club in Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  The dates will be November 2 -3, 2018. SO and Staff shoot on Friday the 2nd and Competitors on Saturday the 3rd. 


To register for this event click here.

You can visit the match facebook page here.

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A quick match director's update on the 2018 IDPA National Championships.

by Administrator 6. April 2018 09:45
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On behalf of AMD's Nicky, & Dede, RangeMaster Seth and myself here are a few updates:

Last week the notifications were sent out to those that submitted an application to staff the event. We are grateful to all those who applied. It was a difficult lengthy few meetings to fill all the positions needed and unfortunately there were more applicants than positions. Again, thank you everyone, this sport would not happen without your dedicated support at all levels.

The stages have been drafted, reviewed, reviewed, changed, reviewed…. You get the point. I’m happy to report that we’ve completed the process and have made our list of items that need built, purchased or brought to the event. They are going to be challenging and we believe well balanced. Seth Hayden has done an amazing job and set a new standard for the presentation process at the national level. JOB WELL done. 

Mr. Rick Lund, (Area Coordinator for FL) will be running the Pistol Caliber Carbine four stage side match. Don’t worry about bringing your gear just yet as IDPA is working on securing sponsorships for both guns and ammunition. I encourage everyone to plan either an extra day or one of your half days to participate in this side match. If you are a club contact or match director participation is a must so you can return home with additional knowledge and skillsets to host PCC locally.

Warm-up stages, there will be two of them. Thursday all day shooters will shoot them back to back and the Fri/Sat shooters will shoot one each day at the start of the event. I’ll give you some hints in the next update in the coming months so keep an eye out for them.


Chad Barber
Match Director, 2018 IDPA National Championships



To find out more about the 2018 IDPA National Championship you can visit the match link here.

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IDPA t-shirts in stock!

by Administrator 15. March 2018 10:29
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We currently have several styles of IDPA logo'd t-shirts in stock!  

Prices start as low as $14.95!

You can check them out at

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A letter to our Membership

by Administrator 6. March 2018 13:25
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Obviously the Florida school shooting was a tragedy beyond anything most of us can ever comprehend — the pain and suffering of victims and survivors unimaginable. The media and the left are now forcing a situation that is quickly becoming intolerable for not only firearms owners, but anyone who cares about constitutional rights or their own right to safety and security. As you all know, it's not about the type of firearm used, the minimum age for gun ownership, the NRA or the member discounts they provided; it's about our god given rights being infringed upon! The liberals of the left aided by their main stream media puppets will NOT stop until ALL firearms are banned! 

Like many of you that just want to be left alone to live your lives as you wish I have never been one to write letters to politicians or companies unless I had extremely bad service or very specific problems. I was never very good at being the "squeaky wheel." That will now change! I encourage every one of our members and friends to do the same. What we're seeing now is a complete loss of responsibility and morality promoted by the left and their media lap dogs. If we don't let our politicians and these companies know that we will not be infringed, we will see the end of gun ownership in our lifetime.  

Write to the companies that are now taking political stands that are against gun owners and the NRA. Write to your Senators, Congressmen and State Officials. Get your friends and neighbors involved. Let those opposed to the second amendment, gun ownership and the NRA hear our voices. We can no longer remain silent and let the left spread their anti-gun propaganda while we do nothing. We must be heard NOW and VERY loudly.  

They may have been boiling us slowly, but the water is getting pretty HOT now. It's imperative that you take the time to make your voice heard. For yourself, your children, your grandchildren and all the future generations. The time to make your voice heard is NOW! 

Joyce Wilson 
Executive Director
International Defensive Pistol Association

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Are you following us on Social Media?

by Administrator 27. February 2018 10:01
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We post updates on IDPA, photos, videos and more regularly on our social media.  Make sure you give us a follow!


User Name: @ShootIDPA




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There is still time to send in your 2018 IDPA National Championship SO and Staff Entry Form

by Administrator 20. February 2018 10:03
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IDPA has uploaded the Safety Officer and Staff Entry Forms online today. We are looking for dedicated staff to help run this years National Championship.

The 2018 IDPA US National Championship is scheduled for September 13th - 15th, 201 8 at the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) Talladega Marks manship Park in Talladega, AL. This match will draw over 300 top competitors from all over the US as well as several cou ntries from around the world . This is a great facility and we are excited to see you there.

Staff SOing the match must be certified safety officers but there are a number of non - SO positions that are available as well. If you are not a certified SO, don’t let that stop you from submitting your application.

Working the match is a fun, challenging and rewarding experience. Staff will have the option of shooting the event on a split day format, Tuesday and Wednesday, or completing it al l in one day on Wednesd ay. Staff will not pay the match entry fee. If you live more than 40 minutes from the range, IDPA will provide lodging (sharing a room with one other staff person). Those staff that choose to travel from home every day will receive a $150 reimbursement for gas.

The entry form may be found by

or by going to the Nationals event page at

We look forw ard to seeing you at Talladega!

Please send this SO application in as soon as possible. This form must be returned by Feb. 27 th to be considered. SO selection will take place on week of March 12th.

MAIL ENTRIES TO: IDPA CHAMPIONSHIP, 2232 CR 719, Berryville, AR 72616 or email them to may also fax them to 870 - 545 - 3894.  

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5x5 Classifier update

by Administrator 9. February 2018 08:39
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The functionality to upload 5x5 scores for Novice is now available and can be used immediately.


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