Live Free Or Die Stage 1: Cereal Killer

by Editor 15. October 2013 10:30
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SCENARIO: Supermarket is getting robbed by a gang of thugs and they are looking for people to shake down. You are just there looking for ice cream for a birthday party later. What happened to the lights?

PROCEDURE: Start holding a box of cereal. Gun holstered and loaded to division capacity with ammo carriers on body. Flashlight in weak hand.

Move to cover at P2 before engaging T1-T5. Engage T6 from P3. T7-T9 will be engaged between food stuffs via portal at P4.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 9 IDPA, 2 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target



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iMarksman Sponsors Smith & Wesson Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship

by Editor 6. September 2013 09:35
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BERRYVILLE, Ark. – iMarksman, provider of the most affordable, realistic, and innovative training systems currently on the market, has signed on to sponsor the 2013 Smith & Wesson Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship.

iMarksman joins RangeLog, SIG SAUER, Taurus and Smith & Wesson, the title sponsor of the match, as one of the main sponsors of the sold out championship event slated to take place October 18-20 at the Pioneer Sportsmen Club in Dunbarton, N.H.

“We are very pleased to welcome iMarksman as a sponsor of the 2013 Smith & Wesson Live Free Or Die State IDPA Championship, and thank them for their generous support,” said Ken Lambert, match director.

“iMarksman is committed to sponsoring firearm training and competition events, like IDPA's Live Free Or Die State Championship. There is no better test of shooting skill than the pressure of the competition timer, and iMarksman is proud to provide shooters with the training tools they need to practice off the range," said Andrey Safanyuk, CEO of iSniper, Inc., makers of iMarksman®.

In addition to determining the New Hampshire state title, the match will also serve as the final leg of the King of New England contest presented by Apex Tactical. The 17th Annual Massachusetts State Championship and the New England Regional, both sponsored by Smith & Wesson, make up the first and second legs, respectively, of the newly announced series.

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