Countdown To The Cup: No "I" In Team

by Editor 5. June 2012 21:35
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There may be no "I" in team but there sure are Teams in IDPA. As more companies expand their presence in the shooting sports, more and more shooters are competing under a team's banner, and in the process helping to raise awareness of both the brand and the sport. Here's a look at the some of the shooting teams that will be competing at the 2012 Carolina Cup.


Team Comp-Tac
Gordon Carrell
Gregg Garrett (Capt)
Randi Rogers

Team ITI
Laura Torres-Reyes
Brandon Wright
Gary Byerly

Team Panteao
Dave Harrington
Bob Vogel
Tom Yost (Capt)

Team RangeLog
Morgan Allan
Scott Bourgeois
Toni Dandreamatteo
Ken Lambert
Ravin Perry
Rob Tate

Team Safariland
Tierani Hendrix
Bobby McGee
Bob Vogel


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Team Panteao Hosts Free Shooting Clinic At #CarolinaCup

by Editor 17. May 2012 12:02
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Bob Vogel reloadingin IDPA competition

Imagine getting to re-shoot three stages at a major match, but this time with coaching from the likes of Dave Harrington, Tom Yost and the top shooter in the sport, Bob Vogel.

That's exactly what Team Panteao is offering – for free – to 40 shooters at the Carolina Cup next month.

For the last couple years, Panteao Productions' shooting team has been hosting this free clinic to give back to IDPA and help shooters improve their performance.

And as you can imagine the clinics are extremely popular.

“The clinic Panteao puts on at the Cup is wildly popular and fills up almost immediately,” explains Tom Yost, captain of Team Panteao and one of the instructors. “When we first started offering the clinic the idea was to help shooters realize areas where they could improve their performance by showing them Team Panteao member shot the stages.”

The Panteao team members each pick a favorite stage from the match and then coach the shooters through the stage, demonstrating how they shot it during the match. The instructors cover all aspects of their match performance including the mental game. Divided into three groups, the participants have an hour on each stage to work with the instructor on how to improve their shooting. The Clinic takes place:

Panteao Shooting Sports Clinic
9:00am to Noon
Sunday, June 17, 2012

“Besides leaving the clinic with big smiles, shooters take away a couple new tricks they can carry with them into their next match. And no student has left one of our clinics without improving their times...that's why we offer a money back guarantee,” added Yost.

Space is limited so if you'd like to participate in this FREE clinic, please RSVP as soon as possible. Participating shooters will have to bring their Carolina Cup score sheets, match gear and ammo.

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Team IDPA at the 2012 NRA Show - Day 3

by Editor 16. April 2012 21:56
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The third and final day of the 2012 NRA Show saw Team IDPA meeting with some of the biggest gun makers in the firearms world, including Taurus, whose new CEO, Mark Kresser, talked to Joyce Wilson about shooting a little IDPA himself in the coming months. Joyce Rubino from Colt talked shop, and shooting. And of course, no NRA tour of gun makers would be complete without a visit to Smith & Wesson, which in case you didn't know hosts a little IDPA match and get together each year...just a small event you may have heard people talking about.

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IDPA Reception at 2012 NRA Show

by Editor 15. April 2012 07:54
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Saturday night after Day 2 of the NRA Show, Michael Bane - host of the Outdoor Channel's Shooting Gallery and one of the earliest members of IDPA - hosted a reception for IDPA at the Morgan Street Brewery. The room was packed with show exhibitors and friends of IDPA. Thanks to Panteao Productions guests went home with a copy of the Down Zero and IDPA World Championship DVDs, as well as a signed copy of Michael's book Trail Safe. A huge THANK YOU goes out to Michael Bane, and the Outdoor Channel, for graciously hosting a terrific get together with great friends...and really good beer.

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Team IDPA at the 2012 NRA Show - Day 2

by Editor 15. April 2012 00:05
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Day 2 at the NRA Show was amazingly busy thanks to rain in St. Louis. With literally tens of thousands of people on the show floor, getting around for Team IDPA got to be a challenge. Thankfully we made it through another day and another round of meetings with sponsors and friends. Of course, for some people there always seems to be time to check out the guns.

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