Music City Cup III: Stage 1

by Editor 28. October 2013 12:35
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SCENARIO: Great day of work gone bad. You are eating lunch in the break room. You hear screams from you upper management and they are being assaulted by thugs. Remember, they are directly in control of your raise next month.

PROCEDURE: Start with pistol loaded to division capacity. Pistol is holstered and magazines in mag holders. Back in seat and palms flat on the table.

At the signal, draw pistol and engage threats (T1-T3) from the seated position in tactical sequence. Advance to P2, engage threats (PP1/PP2) using tactical priority. PP1 will activate running target (T4). PP1/PP2 can only be engaged from P2 (safety concerns). Move through the office stopping the bad guys (T5 thru T8) while utilizing cover. Any legal IDPA reload is available.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 8 IDPA, 2 Steel, 3 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target, Steel Must Fall

STAGE DESIGN: J. Michael Bresson

STAGE SPONSOR: Comp-Tac Victory Gear

STAGE SPONSOR: Rainier Ballistics

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Safariland, Hogue, Apex And Others Sponsor IDPA’s Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals

by Editor 8. February 2013 10:14
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BERRYVILLE, Ark. – Safariland, Hogue Grips and Apex Tactical Specialties, along with PowerTech/Smith & Wesson Flashlights, Rainier Ballistics and Swab-its, have signed on as sponsors of the upcoming Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship to be held February 21-23 in Springfield, Mass.

The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) announced that the six sponsors have been added to the rapidly growling list of companies supporting the match, including the match’s major sponsors ACADEMI, Brownells, Comp-Tac Victory Gear, CORBON, GLOCK,, Harris Publications, Michigan Ammo Company, Mossberg, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Panteao Productions, Ruger, Taurus, Trijicon, Wilson Combat and match host Smith & Wesson.

“Each year industry support for the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor Nationals eclipses that from the previous year, which is a testament to both the growing importance of IDPA competitions in America and the reputation Smith & Wesson’s match has as one of the best shooting competitions in any discipline,” said Joyce Wilson, executive director for IDPA.

Widely regarded as one of the finest competitive shooting events in the country, the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship represents the official start of IDPA’s competition season. More than 300 of the sport’s best shooters are expected to compete for titles in Custom Defensive Pistol, Enhanced Service Pistol, Stock Service Pistol, Stock Service Revolver and Enhanced Service Revolver, the five divisions within IDPA.

“Thanks to the generous support from our friends at Safariland, Hogue Grips, Apex Tactical Specialties, Rainier Ballistics, Swab-its and PowerTech/Smith & Wesson Flashlights, the 2013 championship is shaping up to be one of the best Indoor Nationals of all time,” added Wilson.

The sold-out 2013 Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship will take place on the indoor ranges of the Smith & Wesson Shooting Sports Center in Springfield, Massachusetts on Thursday, February 21, and will conclude with the awards banquet on Saturday, February 23.

For more information on IDPA, the Smith & Wesson IDPA Indoor National Championship or to find a club near you, visit You can also connect with IDPA online by following @OfficialIDPA on Twitter, like ShootIDPA on Facebook, watch IDPA TV, or check for regular updates on the DOWN ZERO Blog.

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53% Handload - 2011 IDPA World Shoot Ammo By The Numbers

by Editor 30. April 2012 12:35
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If "money is the mother's milk of politics" then certainly ammo is the mother's milk of competition. While Jesse Unruh's famous quote isn't an exact fit for the shooting sports, there's no denying that without ammo there wouldn't be much in the way of actual shooting in the sports.

When it comes to ammunition for competition there are two routes shooters can take. One is buy factory loaded ammunition and the other is to reload. It's difficult to say without a broader-based survey how many IDPA members reload, but the survey results from the 2011 IDPA World Shoot (found on pages 26-33 in Vol. 15, Issue 4 of the Tactical Journal) give you a good idea of the possible trend among the sport's most active shooters where 53% handloaded and 47% opted for factory loads.

Though the survey didn't go into the various brands of factory ammunition shooters used at the World Shoot, it does shed light on the reloading habits of the competitors. When it comes to reloading, it's probably no surprise that Dillon Precision leads the pack with an overwhelming 88% of the shooters using one (or more) of their reloading presses. Hornady and RCBS trail with each accounting for 4% followed by Lee Precision with 3%.

Three brands make up 81% of powder used by those reloading at the World Shoot. Hodgdon brand powders led with nearly half of all reloaders (48%) choosing one of their powders. Vihtavuori powders account for 19% followed by Winchester powders with 14%. Accurate and Alliant powders accounted for another 8% each.

Similar to IDPA shooters' preference in powder brands, three brands of primers make up 95% of the primers used by competitors at the 2011 IDPA World Shoot. The top primer brand among the competitors reloading was Federal Premium with 42%. CCI primers were the primer of choice for 28% of competitors, followed by Winchester brand primers with 25%.

The component categories of brass and bullets saw the widest divergence of preference among competitors. No single brand of brass dominated the survey with 53% of all the competitors reloading reporting that they used a mixed variety of brass. Of those dedicated to a single brand of brass, Starline led with 14% followed closely by Winchester with 12%. Fiocchi was the only other brand with a significant percentage (7%) of the shooters. Ten other manufacturers account for the remaining 14% in the survey.

And finally....bullets. Survey respondents noted 44 different brands of bullets used in reloading, the largest selection of any category - even holsters - in the survey. Only two brands could claim a significant share of the reloading market at the World Shoot. One quarter of the shooters reloading (26%) went with Montana Gold Bullet as their bullet of choice. Berry's Manufacturing was the other major player in bullets with 17%. The remaining brands each pulled less than 10% of the shooters. Precision Bullets (8%), Precision Delta (6%), Zero Bullet Co. (5%), Rainier Ballistics (4%), and Bayou Bullets, Black Bullets Intl. and Hornady each with 3%.


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