Music City Cup III: Stage 1

by Editor 28. October 2013 12:35
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SCENARIO: Great day of work gone bad. You are eating lunch in the break room. You hear screams from you upper management and they are being assaulted by thugs. Remember, they are directly in control of your raise next month.

PROCEDURE: Start with pistol loaded to division capacity. Pistol is holstered and magazines in mag holders. Back in seat and palms flat on the table.

At the signal, draw pistol and engage threats (T1-T3) from the seated position in tactical sequence. Advance to P2, engage threats (PP1/PP2) using tactical priority. PP1 will activate running target (T4). PP1/PP2 can only be engaged from P2 (safety concerns). Move through the office stopping the bad guys (T5 thru T8) while utilizing cover. Any legal IDPA reload is available.

SCORING: Vickers Count
TARGETS: 8 IDPA, 2 Steel, 3 Non-Threat
SCORED HITS: Best Two On Target, Steel Must Fall

STAGE DESIGN: J. Michael Bresson

STAGE SPONSOR: Comp-Tac Victory Gear

STAGE SPONSOR: Rainier Ballistics

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Results From The Music City Cup II

by Editor 5. November 2012 11:04
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The results are in from Tennessee's biggest IDPA competition, the Music City Cup. The match was held this Saturday, with SOs competing on Friday, in Dickson, Tenn. on the host ranges of the Music City Tactical Shooters. You can find the full results online.

CDP Division
Division Champion – Chandler LaFrain
1st Place Master – Alex Stephenson
2nd Place Master – Scott Hammond
1st Place Expert – Rick Kyle
2nd Place Expert – Bill Dukemineer
3rd Place Expert – Michael Foster
1st Place Sharpshooter – Ryan Pytlewski
2nd Place Sharpshooter – Jimmy Duke
1st Place Marksman – Daniel Meadows
2nd Place Marksman – Rick Kruppa

ESP Division
Division Champion – A.C. Nohsey
1st Place Master – Ryan Spencer
1st Place Expert – Matthew Sirmans
2nd Place Expert – David Horn
3rd Place Expert – Michael Barrera
1st Place Sharpshooter – Ed Chase Jr.
2nd Place Sharpshooter – Will Foster
3rd Place Sharpshooter – Angelito Juliano
4th Place Sharpshooter – John Taylor
5th Place Sharpshooter – Ron Corville
1st Place Marksman – Craig Burlette
2nd Place Marksman – Steve Sticklin
3rd Place Marksman – Amy Spencer
4th Place Marksman – Andy Kwon

SSP Division
Division Champion – James Loxton
1st Place Master – Scott Butler
2nd Place Master – Rickey Brooks
1st Place Expert – Ken Park
2nd Place Expert – Kemp Evans
3rd Place Expert – Greg Cook
1st Place Sharpshooter – Michael Wilkewitz
2nd Place Sharpshooter – Dan Stuart
3rd Place Sharpshooter – Casey Retterer
4th Place Sharpshooter – Trey Chase
5th Place Sharpshooter – Michael Berryhill
6th Place Sharpshooter – Martin Milliken
7th Place Sharpshooter – Paul Archer
8th Place Sharpshooter – Mike West
9th Place Sharpshooter – Carl Szczepanski
1st Place Marksman – GW Austin
2nd Place Marksman – Brian Ferguson
3rd Place Marksman – Reid Ormseth
4th Place Marksman – Shane Gannon
1st Place Novice – Michelle Nohsey

ESR Division
Division Champion – Stanley Hodgin
1st Place Sharpshooter – Jeff Stone

SSR Division
Division Champion – Rickey Brazle

High Senior: Michael Cusanelli ESP - Master 309.43 (69)
High Lady: Norma Judith Legados ESP - Master 314.06(116)
High Law Enforcement: James S. Loxton SSP - Master 297.27 (92)
High Junior: Trey Chase SSP - Sharpshooter 414.79(153)
High Military: Jeff Myers SSP - Master 312.33(122)
High Distinguished Senior: Dale Spikes SSP - Marksman 529.90(128)
Most Accurate: Ken Park SSP - Expert 306.43 (60)

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Swab-Its Returns As Sponsor Of IDPA’s Music City Cup II

by Editor 31. October 2012 08:30
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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Super Brush, makers of Swab-its® brand firearms cleaning swabs for every job, announced that they are returning as a sponsor of the Volunteer State’s largest IDPA match, the Music City Cup II, which takes place this weekend at the Music City Tactical Shooters’ range in Dickson, Tennessee.

This is the second year for the Music City Cup, which exploded last year as Tennessee’s largest gathering of IDPA competitors and quickly became one of IDPA’s major must-attend matches. Despite the near crippling impact hurricane Sandy has had on the east coast, organizers still expect upwards of 200 shooters to compete in the 13-stage event.

“When we started the Music City Cup last year we never expected it to become Tennessee’s biggest IDPA competition. Now, thanks to the generous support of sponsors like Swab-its, the Music City Cup II is one of IDPA’s premier matches and certainly one of the South’s best,” said Michael Bresson, match director for the Music City Cup.

“Swab-its is proud to once again sponsor the Music City Cup and help continue the expansion of shooting opportunities for IDPA members in the Volunteer State. Our support for the Music City Cup II is part of our continuing commitment to promote the shooting sports,” said Cathy Desorcy, product manager for Swab-its. “Thanks to the feedback we get from Music City Cup competitors on our Swab-its brand Bore-tips and Gun-tips, we’re making sure that we continue to provide shooters with the kind of innovative cleaning products they need.”

As part or their sponsorship, Swab-its has donated packs of their popular Bore-Tips™ and Gun-Tips™ firearms cleaning swabs to be distributed at the match.

Designed to be lint-free and reusable, foam Bore-tips from Swab-its provide the ultimate in barrel bore cleaning with their tight bore-fitting 360-degree cleaning surface, delivering improved barrel cleaning and maximum lubrication. Bore-tips are available in a six-piece pack in .357cal/9mm, .22cal, .243cal, or .30cal, and in a five-piece pack for either .40cal or .45cal.

Gun-tips from Swab-its are lint-free, reusable foam swabs that offer gun owners superior firearms detailing versatility. Used in conjunction with Bore-tips as part of a regular firearms cleaning and lubricating regimen, the Gun-tips swab kits give hunters, sportsmen, and gunsmiths the ability to protect and preserve their firearms like never before. Gun-tips come in a variety of shapes, sizes and lengths to ensure cleaning and lubricating of all parts of the firearm, while leaving no residue of lint commonly found in other cleaning devices.

With Swab-its, you Clean It Like You Mean It.

For more information on the International Defensive Pistol Association and the Music City Cup II, visit For more information on the complete line of Swab-its lint-free, reusable gun cleaning swabs, visit

Swab-its products are available at your local firearms dealer, or from one of these online retailers, Brownells, Dillon Precision, Graf & Sons, MidwayUSA or direct from Swab-its.

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