Release Notes for April 2013

by Administrator 10. April 2013 11:50
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The following features/fixes have been made to and member services.

  • MISSING CLASSIFIERS – There were approximately 2500 classifications that were missing from the system due to data errors (wrong member ID numbers, incorrect date formats).  These issues have been resolved.
  • Colors and fonts have been updated to be more easily read.
  • Welcome page has been updated to provide immediate access to all of the important information a Club or Member would want access to.
  • EVENTS – We have improved searching to include date range as well as several other options.
  • CLUBS – Searching based on EXACT ADDRESS will return clubs based on country, state/province and city.
  • CLUBS – Searching based on PROXIMITY will return CLUBS who have provided SHOOTING LOCATIONS for where their clubs hold their events.  Closest shows up at the top of the list.  Proximity is up to 500 miles from provided location.
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Release Notes for March 2013

by Administrator 30. March 2013 11:47
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The following updates were made to both the member services web site:

  • Historical classifier scores are now available from the classifier and other stage leader boards.
  • Various issues with IE and FireFox browsers not refreshing during registration has been resolved.
  • Issues with PUERTO RICO and CANADIAN registration and renewals has been resolved.
  • Issues with missing state for Honduras has been updated.
  • AREA COORDINATORS can now update classifier scores on behalf of a club.
  • CLUBS can now update classifier scores, as long as their membership is current.
  • CLASSIFIERS adding classifier scores can now be made with or without stage scores.
  • CLASSIFIERS can now be added without a pre-existing event in the system.
  • CLASSIFIERS lookup & export was made more accessible by having it added to the “What do you want to do" button.
  • CLASSIFIERS updates page can now be accessed from the “What do you want to do” button under the “Add New…” drop down.
  • LEADER BOARD SCORES now correctly display Divisions and Class in proper order.
  • SSL Certificate was issued and now in place where needed, not implemented across the site due to performance reasons. 
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