From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: The Results

by Editor 21. October 2012 16:22
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Well it's all over but for the crying... Thanks to Kitty Richards we have the early results from the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. And a couple more photos, like this action shot (right) of Ron Singer, stats guys for the match, taking it easy. When a match runs this smooth the awards ceremony takes care of itself. 

CDP Champion - Craig Buckland
ESP Champion - AJ Stuart
SSP Champion - Andy Arnal
SSR Champion - Casey Dudek
ESR Champion - Kirk Crego
High Lady - Sharon Burwell
High Senior - Brad Bends
High LEO - Burt Dopirak
High Industry - AJ Stuart
High Junior - John Curtis III
High Military Veteran - Doug Bryant
High Dist. Senior - Dan Smith
Most Accurate - David Woodbridge (7)

ABOVE: High Lady Sharon Burwell takes on stage 3 at the Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship.

BELOW: Match Director Corey Murphy with David Woodbridge who was the match's most accurate shooter with just 7 points down.

ABOVE: Match Director Corey Murphy with Dave Bair who took Marksman honors in Stock Service Pistol.

BELOW: And finally, the people that made it all happen. The Safety Officers and Staff of the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. 

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From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: Every Day Is A Hollidaysburg

by Editor 20. October 2012 13:48
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Earlier today IDPA's Keystone State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, sent in a couple more pics from the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship. Kitty's been working undercover as a Safety Officer to get the inside story, so with any luck we'll have some more to report. 

ABOVE: Up and coming Junior Shotter Zach Matish shoots the PA State Match in Hollidaysburg.

BELOW: SO Bobby Heargraves shoots under the direction of Scott Bourgeois.

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From Pennsylvania, With Kitty: SOs Load And Make Ready

by Editor 19. October 2012 13:30
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The hardest working correspondent in the shooting sports is back, as IDPA's own Keystone State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, reports from the "Battle of Hollidaysburg", or what the rest of us call the 2012 Pennsylvania State IDPA Championship.

The mist settles over the multicolor fall foliage in Hollidaysburg as Safety Officers prepare to shoot the state championship. They gather for the shooters meeting with first shots fired scheduled for 10:00am. - Kitty 

We expect more reports from Kitty as we assume she'll be 'waxing poetic' throughout the match...and perhaps there will be news of a better camera phone too (hint, hint).


ABOVE: SO Frank Koo shoots stage 6 earlier this morning. Shooting was suspended for 20 minutes as a hunter was identified shooting on range property. He was promptly escorted off the property and the match got back underway.

BELOW: We have no words, but clearly Kitty's right in the middle of the action. By-the-way, nice boots Kitty. What did you do, order them from the LL Bean Tactical Catalog?

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New York, New Kitty: Empire State Winners

by Editor 9. September 2012 19:01
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This just in...

Our Empire State State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, reports that the results are in from this weekend's New York State IDPA Championship. Here's a look at the 2012 title winners.

CDP Champion: Craig Buckland
ESP Champion: AJ Stewart
SSP Champion: Keith Bourgeois
ESR Champion: Toni Dandreamatteo
SSR Champion: Kenneth Ortbach

High Lady: Joanna Lenczewska
High Junior: Tori Coutant
Most Accurate: Jeff Jackling

Be sure to check for the full results once they are uploaded.

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New York, New Kitty: Empire State Battle In The Rain

by Editor 8. September 2012 17:35
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DOWN ZERO's Empire State State Bureau Chief, Kitty Richards, filed this report from her rain-soaked field office at the Pine City Sportsmen's Club in Pine City (Elmira area), New York where she's covering the hotly contested 2012 New York State IDPA Championship.

And before you ask, yes, Kitty will be dressed like the Statue of Liberty throughout the match. However, instead of calling her "Lady Liberty" she insists everybody call her "Lady IDPA." Honestly, we can't explain it but here's her report from earlier today...

As rain covers the Chemung County area, a hailstorm of CDP shooters take to the range for an IDPA throw-down. Four Masters are competing for the top spot, including Rochester's Jeff Jackling, Pennsylvania's Scott Shalter, Andy Stasko from Owego, NY, and Craig Buckland from Mass.

High Lady may be a mud fight to the finish. New York's Toni Dragotta. an LEO from Horseheads, NY, will look to block The Polish Pistolera, Joanna Lenczewska, for that honor. Dragotta shot on Friday while Lenczewska, from Hellertown, PA, shoots on Sunday. - Kitty

We're expecting further updates, unless of course Kitty's been called into service to help build the ark.

Below: Craig Buckland gathers his chi before jumping into the CDP battle. Photo courtesy Lady IDPA.

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From Texas, With Kitty: And The Winner Is....

by Editor 2. July 2012 09:26
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The full match results from this weekend's Texas State IDPA Championship have been posted on the Collin County IDPA's website, but here is a look at the highlights.

CDP Div. Champion
Zeb Pomerenke 218.09 (19) EX

ESP Div. Champion
Brian Strickler 186.25 (27) MA

SSP Div. Champion
Gordon Carrell 181.12 (12) DM

ESR Div. Champion
Greg Kratochvil 258.10 (20) EX

SSR Div. Champion
Todd Speck 309.63 (25) SS

High Lady
Randi Rogers 212.17 (32) ESP/MA

High Law Enforcement
Buddy Best 235.34 (25) SSP/MA

High Senior
Mark Thompson 206.56 (38) ESP/EX

High Dist. Senior
Sam Jones 317.63 (37) ESP/SS

High Military Veteran
Bill Go 224.67 (38) SSP/MA

High Junior
Nathan Higdon 250.60 (46) CDP/EX

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From Texas, With Kitty: Bragging Rights

by Editor 1. July 2012 09:01
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By all accounts - and we do mean all - yesterday's Texas State IDPA Championship was a huge success. And that's due in no small part to the dedicated work of the match hosts, Collin County IDPA, who have built a strong club structure for developing excellent SOs and MDs. Check out Kitty's feature in yesterday's The Shooting Wire on how CCIDPA is winning bragging rights for the best SO staff in IDPA.

Besides a top-flight staff, and Comp-Tac's air-conditioned tent, the Texas championship also boasted IDPA dignitaries Bill and Joyce Wilson, who stopped by to see Cody, C.J., and the rest of Collin County IDPA put on a flawless match. Also attending the match was Zulu, Bill's and Joyce's new seven week old Belgian Shepherd Dog (or Malinois) puppy. No word yet on whether Zulu will be the new IDPA mascot.
ABOVE: MD Cody Ray and SOI C.J. Pruszynski welcome shooters to the match.
BELOW: Brian Strickler makes a few suggestions about Tiger Team rule changes, and Bubba was happy to hear them.

ABOVE: Armadillos were all over Northeast Texas. Meaning Team Armadillo Concealment was everywhere in Greenville.
BELOW: Kitty Richards hangs out with Bill Wilson who, along with Joyce, stopped by to see Collin Co. IDPA in action.

ABOVE: Bubba puts Comp-Tac's AC unit through extensive testing before giving it a Tiger Team seal of approval.
BELOW: That don't hunt, but she probably shoots. Joyce and Bill Wilson's new puppy, Zulu.

Photos courtesy of Kitty Richards.

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From Texas, With Kitty: Texas State Stages 9-12

by Editor 29. June 2012 18:09
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Kitty's team got the remaining four stage diagrams (stages 9-12) for Saturday's Texas State IDPA Championship out of the Lone Start State and to DOWN ZERO. And just in time to share them with you before the action starts tomorrow morning. Special thanks to the many heroes of the Steel Railroad that risked life and limb to smuggle the stage info out of Texas. Chalk this up as one more win over America's Team by the Steeler Nation.

Click to see stages 1 thru 4.
Click to see stages 5 thru 8.

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From Texas, With Kitty: Texas State Stages 5-8

by Editor 29. June 2012 10:15
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Kitty 'Secret Squirrel' Richards has come through again with the stage diagrams (stages 5-8) for Saturday's Texas State IDPA Championship. The famed Steel Railroad of Kitty's fellow Steelers fans delivered these images to DOWN ZERO in the wee hours of the morning. We're expecting the final four diagrams later today.

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From Texas, With Kitty: The Who's Who Of Sponsors

by Editor 29. June 2012 09:15
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