Countdown To The Cup: It's Ken Lambert's First Time

by Editor 8. June 2012 16:36
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Ken Lambert is heading to the Carolina Cup for the first time. DOWN ZERO asked Ken how he's preparing to compete in one of, if not the most challenging of IDPA's major championships.

Ken Lambert

DZ: When did you start shooting competitively?
KL: I got invited to an IDPA match for the first time in June of 2010 by a good friend, Dave Mowbray (up at Pemi), and I have been hooked on the shooting sports ever since. My first sanctioned match was the 2011 Smith & Wesson Indoor Nationals, which I was able to attend after being wait listed.

DZ: When did you join and start shooting IDPA?
KL: I joined IDPA in the summer of 2010.

DZ: How many times have you shot the Carolina Cup?
KL: This will be my first time shooting there.

DZ: What division are you shooting this year?
KL: Custom Defensive Pistol (CDP) /Expert.

DZ: What part of your shooting are you focusing on the most leading up to The Cup?
KL: Due to lack of time to get to a local range (closest range is Pioneer which is 45 minutes away) I will be practicing dry fire exercises every night leading up to the event. I attend local matches in the area for my live fire practice. When I do get to a range I use Mike Seeklander’s book to assist in my training. It will allow me to be very specific in what skills I want to practice without wasting time and money. Keeping a log, such as logs on, of the type of ammo and the times I do for that practice allows me to track if I’m getting better or worse, which allows me to focus more specifically on my weaker skills with my limited time.

DZ: Are there any specific drills you are incorporating into your practice sessions?
KL: For dry fire practice I normally do stationary draws and reload types of exercises but vary in days of practice. Things I know I'm weak in, IDPA reloads and shooting from cover on my weak side, I mix them in throughout the week.

For live fire practice it's mainly moving into positions, keeping the gun oriented on the target before you see it, and planting your feet in such a way that you don't get called for cover. I feel that will allow me catch up on time during bigger stages if I can pull it off right.

DZ: What gear will you shoot in The Cup?
KL: Using a borrowed SW1911, Comp-Tac holster, handloads for ammo and a vest I picked up at an Army/Navy store. The back story with the borrowed gun is that I was able to get Master in SSP and ESP via match bumps. My goal in April was to see if I can get to CDP Master by the end of June, and Carl Manoogian has graciously lent me his gun to see if I can pull it off. I have the Massachusetts State Championship and the Carolina Cup for matches in June, and a classifier at the end of the month as a fall back to meet my goal.

For shooting glasses I use ESS.

For hearing protection I just use foam ear protection from the local hardware store. I can get 50-100 in each package. My wife ends up using them too when I snore. Lately I have been using EP3 or EP4 Sonic Defenders from Surefire, but usually it becomes uncomfortable in my right ear during the last half of a match so I replace it with a foam one.

My flashlight is a Fenix TK12. A bit bigger than most but I've gotten use to it.

DZ: Do you have any sponsors?
KL: I’m currently a member of Team RangeLog. I am participating in the contingency program that TDS is putting on mainly as a local competition between some friends.

DZ: What do you like most about shooting The Cup?
KL: Traveling and participating in events with so many like minded people from different areas of the country and world. I have met some great people that I now consider good friends after first meeting them during a match.

DZ: What do you think will be the hardest part about shooting The Cup?
KL: Not making a mental error that would cause me to inadvertently give up points on a stage. Simple mental errors have, in the past, cost me the difference between a 1st place win and a 7th place showing.

DZ: Where do you think you will finish this year?
KL: My goal is 1st CDP Expert.

DZ: If you could beat any shooter at this year's Carolina Cup who would it be?
KL: Whoever was going to get 1st CDP/EX. There are so many phenomenal shooters in this sport now, I would just be happy to share the stage with them.

DZ: Is there anything else you want to mention about your preparation for The Cup?
KL: It is something I’m looking forward to since getting notified that I got in. As long as I have a good time, it will be all worth it for me.

DOWN ZERO wants to thank Team RangeLog's Ken Lambert. Next, we talk to the defending High Lady to find out how Team Comp-Tac's Randi Rogers is preparing for The Cup.

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