2017 Rulebook

2017 Match Administration Guide

Pistol Caliber Carbine

PPC Provisional Rules May 2017
Pistol Caliber Carbine Classifier COF

Safety Officer Information

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Safety Officer Recertification

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Safety Officer Range Commands Card

To download a business card sized graphic that contains the Range Commands Safety Officers should use, click here. This is a PDF file that is 204 KB.

Stage Design Aids

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Archive of Newsletters sent to all members

To find an archive of newsletters sent to all members from April 19, 2013 to present, click here.

Logos Available for IDPA Affiliated Clubs

Per the IDPA Match Administration Guide, Effective March 21, 2017:
M-1.9 Logo Policy
The International Defensive Pistol Association logo is trademarked private property of the International Defensive Pistol Association, Inc. It is not available for individual commercial use. However, currently affiliated clubs may use the logo on match announcements, correspondence or on event commemorative clothing such as hats and tee shirts. Electronic and hard copy versions are available from IDPA HQ.

IDPA Affiliated Clubs, click here for IDPA Logos

Licensed Target Suppliers

A complete list of Target Suppliers licensed to sell IDPA targets can be found by clicking here. If they are not on this list, they are not selling IDPA targets legally.